Worldless Wednesday-Spider, Scorpion, Centipede BBQ?

It is common to see snake and crocodile meat in the market near our place, but scorpions, centipede and spider BBQ? No way, I haven’t thought anyone can eat those insects or animals, but this morning while walking in one of the shopping roads here, I saw a guy selling these arachnids and arthropods along with fried octopus, chicken wings, etc.  I took the picture using my cellphone that’s why it isn’t clear.


3 thoughts on “Worldless Wednesday-Spider, Scorpion, Centipede BBQ?

  1. at first I was trying to guess who the blogger was. now I know. thanks for your inspiring sharing.keep it up.take care,

  2. We had a friend who spent several months in China. He came back with some interesting food pictures too — scorpions and something that looked like bees on a stick that were actually some kind of fly. I'm very open to new foods, but those probably would have undone me. Thanks for friending my blog.
    — Carolyn

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