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We are attending a church that is open to foreign passport holders only. Locals are not allowed. Locals who are married to foreigners are also welcome but you need to show some proof.  I’m a foreigner but I don’t look like one, I look like a local so every time I enter I need to present my passport, sometimes I feel discriminated but it’s the law. They need to obey the laws or else their license would not be renewed.


Once in a while, we’re attending  a church that is open to all but the service is in English after the service we are all invited to go to a place where everybody can have lunch, eat all you can for less than 2 dollars only. Free indoor and outdoor activities. One time while we’re playing fools ball game, a cute boy approached me and asked me this question, “Wo ye neng wan ma?” I said “Whatt?, he said again in a louder voice “Wo ye neng wan ma? I said again “Whatttt?” And finally he noticed that I couldn’t understand Mandarin. He said again “Can I play also?” I answered “of course” with a smile on my face. My goodness this little kid can speak Mandarin (he’s a foreigner) while I’m still struggling with my language acquisition. It’s frustrating sometimes, I’ve been here for 9 months and I only know few words. It’s my prayer that I can be able to go to formal training next year.


Last Tuesday we went out so early to have our morning tea. Morning tea is a Cantonese Culture where friends and family gather in the restaurant/tea house to read newspaper and chat over a pot of tea and basket of dim sum. It is actually a form of social activity especially for older people.  But for us instead of reading newspaper, we brought our bible with us and had our devotions there.


I miss spending Christmas at Home, I miss my family and friends, the food especially puto bumbong and bibingka and the Christmas gatherings. But I am excited to spend our Christmas and anniversary in Guillin.



I’ve got a terrible backache a couple of days ago, I couldn’t sit straight and it was painful even when I was lying. Praise God for His healing. I also got my new visa yesterday; they gave me six months this time. We’ve been amazed at how God works in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Random Blogs

  1. I've been enjoying reading your blog. I love the pictures. I'll be praying for your language learning. I heard Mandarin is a difficult language to learn.

  2. I was just asking myself why I don't come over here more often?! Your recent posts are wonderful and give me a better understanding of the life of an M. The post that you wrote regarding all the petty issues that Christians enter into was convicting as well but sooo true.
    In January, we are hosting two Mongolian girls in our home while they are in the United States with other foriegn students from the same school in Mongolia. The university that these girls are coming from is a supposed Christian university in Mongolia. But, we're told these girls may not be Christians just because they attend a "Christian" university. They will be with us for a week and during the day they will be traveling all over Oklahoma learning more about our state and seeing different touristy sites. But they will be coming back in the evenings to stay overnite with us. What can we do to make these two young women feel "at home" and not overwhelm them. At the same time we want to be able to witness to them about our Lord without pushing them away because of cultural issues. Any advice would be most helpful. Also, since these women are from a more Oriental type background what kinds of foods are going to be more to their liking??? Again any advice would be most helpful :-)!
    Blessings and prayers to you and your husband! Thanks for doing what many won't.
    The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Thanks for being a "laborer" for our Lord and King, Jesus.
    JulieEdited by jhul on Dec. 30, 2009 at 7:13 AM

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