Why do we Celebrate our Wedding Anniversary every December 24 and not April 5

My husband took me to Guangxi province for our first wedding anniversary. Those people who knew me might be wondering? How come I celebrated my wedding anniversary on December 24, we just got married April last year. Here’s the story.


We had our Christian wedding April 5, 2009 in Hong Kong; the wedding is simple yet favored by the Lord. I am so grateful with the people who helped us.

I saw a real Church here, everybody was helping, from flower arrangements (Tita Mary’s team), to the church decoration to the food preparation. The wedding was officiated by Ptr. Dhoy and organized and planned by Sis. Reggie(his wife).

We are blessed with people who sponsored the expenses from my sister and her husband (our biggest sponsor) to our principal and secondary sponsors and to the whole Word for the world church-Hong Kong. To Albert’s parents who paid our stay in Hollywood Hotel in Disneyland Hong Kong. You are all blessings to us, we never forget what you’ve done. We thank the Lord for using you all to bless us. The Lord will surely repay what you’ve done to us. To Word for the World-Hong Kong, I praise God for your generosity and hospitality.

Now, why do we celebrate our wedding on December 24? Since we decided that our Christian wedding would be in Hong Kong. We registered our marriage here in China December 24, 2008. By the way, the law here regarding marriage is different with ours. After that I went back in my country to continue working and to finish my training, I resigned from my work and at the same time finish my training, March 2009. I left for Hon Kong and stayed there for a week before our wedding date. A couple of hours before the wedding, my husband with his parents arrived from mainland China to Hong Kong. Unfortunately my family wasn’t able to attend due to health problems. We only consummated our marriage after our Church Wedding last April. Legally, we’re married December 24, 2008, so we decided to celebrate our anniversary every 24th of December instead of April 5. Or probably we can also celebrate April 5 for the consummation of our marriage


Getting married here is easy, the groom must be at least 22 years old and the bride is 20, you just go to Bureau of Civil Affairs and register your marriage and that is you’re now legally married. For some Chinese, especially those families who believed in traditions, the parents usually choose the wedding date using their calendar.  And the bride’s family usually planned and paid most of the expenses. Wedding pictorials usually done before the ceremony, you can see couples taking their wedding photos in the parks and other historical places. Again, wedding ceremonies depend with the family’s traditions and beliefs.

I took the pictures below while the couples were having their pictorial.




So that’s it, next time I am gonna share about our trip. I am now in my day 4 of my 90 day bible reading challenge. My husband prefers the bible in one year reading plan.


4 thoughts on “Why do we Celebrate our Wedding Anniversary every December 24 and not April 5

  1. Beautiful pictures and story. I love coming here. You have a gentle and quite spirit that really shows in your post. Thanks for posting.

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