It's a Shame!

A couple of days ago I was battling with fears and worries, negative thoughts were bombarding my mind, I knew it’s just the attack of the enemy and not really healthy to feel that way. These feelings stole my joy, peace and even my strength both spiritually and physically. If we let these things master us, it will overwhelm us with doubts, insecurity and soon destroy our relationship with others and with the Lord.

Rather than digesting all those negative thoughts, I did what Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:6-8.

Instead of being anxious I prayed and I made known to God the fears and worries that I have and instead of grumbling I thank and praise Him for everything that he’s doing in our life. And whatever is true, honorable, pure, lovely and of good refute I dwell on those things. As I started to meditate His goodness in my life, he reminded me of His greatness, of his sovereignty, of his grace, his mercy and love. And I was blown away by his faithfulness in my life. (Sigh) how shameful it is to doubt the love of Christ for me.

I am now in my day 21 of my 90 day bible reading challenge

Finally these are the photos that I want to share. The pictures were taken last December when we visited Guilin, the city is situated in the northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Tourism is the main source of income of the city that’s why all the tourist attractions have entrance fee.

inside the seven star caves

camel shape rock

the famous Li River

This is just one of the streams that we saw in park, we’re not sure if the streams are natural or just man-made, we saw a lot of big pipes, we thought the water might be coming there

on top of the hill

pagodas in fir lake

The food is one thing i want to try everytime i visit new plances. We visited a guilinese restaurant,we saw a lot of people eating there, we thought, it might be a good restaurant but the food were not really good or maybe we didn’t pick the right one. Guilinesse people love spicy food.

pork bbq, celery, coconut milk soup, forgot the other one

the famous guilinese rice noodle

our dessert

those look yummy but not really healthy

beef noodle (nothing special) , i can cook this though

I guess that’s all for now, thank you for visiting my site i do appreciate it so much!

Blessings everyone!


3 thoughts on “It's a Shame!

  1. Thanks so much for commenting back regarding our Asian houseguests. Turns out that neither girl was from Mongolia, but one was from eastern Siberia (Russia) and the other, South Korea but she lives in China now. We were SO blessed by these two young women, beyond measure. God is SO good. They were with a much larger group that was primarily Mongolian and are touring several states here in the U.S.. They came from a university in Mongolia that is primarily Christian, . It was started by a man from South Korea that is a Christian and with a great heart for the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for this University as you and I know the more they spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ they will get attacked by the enemy. I'm so glad you're here as I'm learning so much more about the country of China through your blog. Praise the Lord, He has even given me a love for the people of the Far East that I had never had before due to the experience we had with our beautiful and precious Asian houseguests!!! God is good! Please be encouraged and continue to love those and preach the Good News to the far reaches of the earth!
    BTW, may I mention your blog in a future post? I feel it is important that many others are praying for you and your husband and what God is doing through you two in China. Also as a homeschooler it is so educational and worth attention to those of us that want our children more aware of the world around them.
    Thanks and God bless!!!

  2. uy salamat sa pagbisita hehehe, kaso walang name di ko alam sino ba 'to, next time write ur name ha:)

    anyway let me guess, kuya Oli, ethel or leny, eto lang maalala ko mga friends ko na tumatawag sa akin ng nelle:) oh no kuya oli calls me jun Edited by jhul on Jan. 23, 2010 at 3:10 AM

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