Hate this Month?

Genesis 2:20b “but for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him”


I’ve met a lot of singles who said that they’re happy being single, that it’s their choice to be single, that they don’t need man in their lives. Few were saying the truth but most of them I believed were in denial. I was once like that, I was in denial, I kept telling to myself   “I don’t need man, I am okey to be single for the rest of my life” but in my heart, there was this deep longing. I was struggling with loneliness, I couldn’t deny anymore I surrendered and laid at the feet of my Lord, and became honest to myself and to my Lord, “Lord I am longing for a companion” and He met that longing.


In Genesis 2:18, God planned already a helpmate for Adam, but He didn’t present the woman immediately instead He brought to Adam the living creatures and asked him to give them names, maybe the creatures were in pairs (male and female) because in verse 20 Adam discovered that there was no one suitable for him, he longed for a partner, maybe God used those animals for him to feel the longing.


So for the singles out there, if you have the longing for a companion in life, why not pour out that to God, cry to Him, your denial cannot help you at all after all God searches all hearts and understands every intent of the thoughts.


It’s a singles awareness month again, most of the singles hate this month, I understand how they feel but during those years of waiting, I dated Jesus, corny but true, I set aside an overnight date for the Lord in the prayer mountain, that’s where I poured out my heart. Every February no matter how busy I was,  I made a time to stay overnight  in the prayer mountain, oh and because my birthday falls in the month of February.


Today is day 38 of my 90-day bible reading challenge, the things i wrote here is my devotion on day 1.



2 thoughts on “Hate this Month?

  1. I had been being single woman for more than 5 years, yes, i felt lonely sometimes, but i learnt more within my single life, it's a very important lesson to me to learn how to enjoy loneliness and being more and more independent without soul mate as well, however, i am here waiting mine appear in my future life admittedly.

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