Random Blogs

  • Last week a police and a woman visited our house, I was surprised and nervous somehow. They asked my husband to fill-up something, thoughts like “what have we done”, “did we violate any law”, “did I violate some internet laws” were running inside my mind, I was paranoid. The police learned that I am a foreigner when my husband talked to me in English, so he asked for my police registration. It’s a law here in China that foreigners should report or apply to the local public security or to the local police station within 72 hours after arrival. The police was so friendly though. I was relieved when they left, my husband told me they’re just making some census for the Asian game, and he’s not really a police but kind of enlisted personnel.
  • Last week I taught the kids (ages 12 to 14) in the church, I volunteered for one year. Teaching kids is a new thing for me. I used to teach adults back home, I guess teaching kids is more challenging than adults. I was talking about serving the Church with the talents and gifts that God has given them. I asked them what are the gifts they have, one kid answered, ”boxing”, I wonder how can someone who has a gift of supernatural strength like Manny Pacqiao serve the church
  • Last month we went out of town for our winter swimming in one of the hot springs here, my husband and I was conversing in English, some of the workers in the resort asked him where I am from, he told them I am from PI (South East Asia), one lady replied is that in Africa, I told my husband maybe they thought I am from Africa because of my color, my skin is darker compared with their skin.
  • We went to a village and we visited the public market, my husband and I were talking when suddenly four students stopped and looked at us, I didn’t know why maybe because we’re conversing in English.

  • I celebrated my birthday this week, we ate in a buffet restaurant, we feasted, we regretted after because we ate a lot
  • Have you ever eaten a black chicken, I did try cooking black chicken soup.


2 thoughts on “Random Blogs

  1. in china they call it black chicken, the taste is similar with the ordinary chicken:) i think it is called "silkie"

    thanks again for droppin' by:)

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