“It’s been two years since I posted this on my blog and I couldn’t remember anymore what situation I was into when I penned this. This is God’s way of reminding me once again to “WAIT”<sigh> until now I am still waiting,  it’s hard, thankfully Jesus Christ is developing His patience in me.”
There were times in my life that the desire to serve the Lord was so heavy that I wanted to march and run and go to the battlefield. Just like a soldier, it is easier for me to march and run than stand still. There were times that what I was doing in the church seemed so unsatisfying. I wanted to get out from my comfort zone and go in the frontline. It seemed like I wasn’t using my potentials to the fullest. I was the most willing person to serve the Lord that even if He will throw me to the darkest place, I will go, just to serve Him. I was anxiously desiring to serve the Lord but don’t know which path will I take. I know, God wants me to do something but don’t know how, when and where to start. My patience was developed through these struggles.
Instead of vexing myself in desperation or rushing forward in presumption, He taught me how to wait. I waited patiently, in prayer, in expectancy, knowing that even if He keeps me waiting until dawn, He will indeed come and fulfill His promise in His perfect time.
Waiting cannot be learned without years of training. Oftentimes God allowed us to be in a situation where our patience is tested. It is one thing that a Christian is hard to embrace especially in this world where everybody is rushing. Waiting can either make you a better person or a bitter person. You may allow waiting to develop perseverance or you may imitate the Israelites, they grumbled murmured and wished that they could go back to slavery. You may accept your situation and wait peacefully, in faith with expectancy that God will come at the right time or you may opt to rebel against God, to rush forward in presumption or go back to the world.
Until now I am still waiting and willing to be guided by His will. Remember that there is a great blessing in waiting.
"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord" Psalms 27:14

6 thoughts on “WAITING TIME

  1. The hardest thing to do is to wait. Waiting takes a lot of patience and desire to go on no matter what. In Isaiah it is written that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. God renew my strength on a daily basis, minute by minute I saw His grace. How long will I wait till the promises of God be fulfilled in my life, that is the question that I don't still have any answer.

  2. Ei ate Jhunnel..love ur write ups here..I read the latest one..Bakit ngayon ko lang na discover yun blog mo heheheh..ang galing mo te magsulat..You may write a book someday..hehhe anyway te I’m preparing going to the harvest field..Pakiluhod naman ako sa AMA natin te Pray for my finances na bago mag september end makumleto ko na ang funds….Makakasama ko pala sina ate glo tyaka titia virg..ate ruth is here in the Philippines till oct pa siya dito pagpray mo fulll recovery ng tatay niya na stroke ata..magmeet pa lang kami te..Update kita lagi dito habang andito ako sa Pinas…Plz don’t forget to update me din te.Ingat kayo jan ng family mo tyaka ng iyong soon to baby hehehhe ate babae ba siya o lalaki..tyaka na ako mag straight English ah..heheheehe next update ko sayo English namn hehehehe..tyaka try ko Magmandarin hehhe.Xie Xie Ni!Jiayou for YESU!

    1. hey vine, it’s good you found me, thank you sa compliment:) yeah we’ll keep you in our prayers, our Father is generous and I’m sure yung provision nandyan na nagaatay sa inyo. It’s good to know na kasama mo pala ang dalawang ate natin, atleast di ganun kalungkot, are you going to the same place? or same country lang? Are you staying together? you can update thru email or FB, but it’s better if email kasi minsan i couldn’t access FB, anyway, i’ll be posting my update here from time to time, so i think it’s better if you subscribe so everytime i write something it’ll be emailed your account, it’s safe naman they won’t send you a spam. I miss you guys, i hope i can see you in the near future maybe next year. Please keep us also in your prayers.

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