Thank You Lord for Your Faithfulness

Couple of weeks ago, I taught about evangelism in Sunday school, the following Sunday God allowed me to apply what I’ve taught. We attended a fellowship where I was able to sit with locals, the girl asked me something and I asked her backed if it’s her first time to attend this kind of fellowship, well it was her first time and the reason why she’s there is for her to practice her English. I told her, “oh I want to talk about Christianity to you” and so I shared a little about where we came from, the relationship of the first men with God and the first fall and how God wants to restore that relationship through His Son Jesus Christ. Somehow she knew about Jesus Christ. When I told her that God died for her because He loves her, she was somehow amazed. I talked about sin but it’s kind of hard to explain because some of the words that I told her were new to her. We talked a lot of things and when I asked her if she wants to pray for acceptance prayer she told me to think about it. It must be the Holy Spirit who gave me the boldness to share Christ to her, it is not in my nature to approach strangers and talk to them, I am this person who wants to just sit in the corner and watch people around me. I praise Him for allowing me to share His love to others.

I thank the Lord for touching my husband’s employer to give their salary. Their salary for two months was delayed and was given to them yesterday. We’re praying that he can find a new job.

I just wanna thank the Lord for His faithfulness.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Lord for Your Faithfulness

  1. In everything give thanks and all the time God is so good. Nel, keep up the good work for the Lord. God bless you more.

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