Thankful Thursday!

My husband had underwent series of check up this past few days, his total bilirubin was high, it’s 200 percent more than the normal, the results were all negative, Praise be to Jesus. He  feels weak sometimes and experiences  tremor on his hands, 3 years ago he had a brain scan, but it’s all normal.  We chose to trust in His unfailing love instead of worrying.

We are also praying for a full time job, right now he’s doing part time job. I am not working yet, i do want to work and I’m looking for one. We don’t know how long will we stay here. We are praying for God’s direction. We are praying for more opportunities to serve Him here. I sometimes wonder what is His purpose of letting us stay here. Oh yeah, i guess I’m lost right now:)

I guess I am becoming ungrateful again. Oh that’s my topic for this coming Sunday, having a grateful heart. As Apostle Paul said to the Thessalonians “Give thanks in all circumstances for it is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus”  it’s not for all circumstances but in all circumstances that means giving thanks no matter what happens.

And so right now I want to thank the Lord in all that we are experiencing right now. I thank Him for  allowing me to help in the Sunday School, they need more volunteers and i also thank the Lord for the people i worked with especially with our coordinator who is very supportive. I thank the Lord for the students, I’ve learned a lot from them and most of all I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His peace.


One thought on “Thankful Thursday!

  1. Hey my dear friends, How are u doing? I’m sorry didnt connect with u guys such long, my cellphone was stolen in the past couple weeks, i lost all cellphone numbers in that, i got ur message yesterday via facebook but i couldnt open the website yet, plz connect me if available.

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