It’s a Choice

I decided to love even when I am hurting.  I decided to understand even when I don’t understand, I decided to forgive even when I haven’t done anything wrong.  I decided to listen even when another is speaking. I decided to overlook petty faults and forgive all failures. I decided to value others not with what they do but for who they are. I decided to give without expect something in return.  I decided to serve and not to demand. Today I decided to love unconditionally.  After all loving someone is a choice.

Pregnancy update:

My greatest fear is happening now, I am big now 🙂 and it seems like i am growing faster every day. Lately i notice some achiness in my lower abdomen and a brief stubbing pain on both sides. I am starting to see darkened spots in my skin particularly in my neck. My feet are also getting big, from size five, I think it’s six now. I’m also having an acne breakout.

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