I found a friend. He is a good conversationalist. He is tender, compassionate, warm, loving, consistent, generous, a good listener, such a wonderful friend. When He promised, He will surely fulfill it.

I am sure He will never condemn me. He knows everything in me, my deepest secret my worst sin. He knows the beat of my heart. Just the look at me he knew already why I am crying, why I am sad, why I am angry. We argue a lot but I never win, because He knows what is best for me. He never manipulated me. He has given me the free will. When my wallet is empty I will run to Him. He provides for my needs even for my wants. He makes me smile when my face becomes ugly. When my day is so stressful, He reminds me that I need a break and He wants to have coffee with me.

When everything seems in chaos, He whispers to me saying everything will be alright as long as He’s on my side. He understands me when I messed up. But he corrects me in a very nice way.  His embrace makes me warm. When I can’t sleep and I need someone to talk to, he doesn’t’ even mind even if we talk the whole night.

He doesn’t’ care being with me in the grocery, in the Church, in the park, in the beach, when I cross the street, everywhere I go he also wants to be there.

He has all the time when it comes to me. My friend’s name is “JESUS”

He can be your friend too, just invite Him in your life and ask Him to be your friend. I’m sure He will be excited accepting you as His best friend

© The Emissary’s Feet


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