Random Musings

Today I walked 6 miles, I need to do it regularly until I give birth, last week I visited the hospital for my regular check up, my BP  was pretty high,  it’s 123/60, the doctor said, the normal BP for pregnant women here is 130, my BP worries me somehow coz sometimes I feel like my heart beats so fast. So far everything is going well, thank God.

God has been so good to us, His provision is overflowing. You see, our land lady blessed us with some baby stuff, maternity clothes, electric breast pump and my pregnancy pillow, my mother-in-law blessed us with baby clothes, maternity clothes and finances, my husband’s grandmother blessed us also with baby clothes. Our friends (Ricky and Susan) visited us yesterday, they baked cake and cooked for Albert’s birthday, and blessed me with a beautiful maternity dress, another friend(Ruby) gifted us with children’s book, well we only have few friends here(lol). Hopefully we won’t be buying baby crib anymore because Susan told us to give her cousin’s baby crib to us, YAY, isn’t God so amazing?

I’m staying at home wife and my husband is just doing part-time job, amazingly though, our needs are properly met, thank you Father for your faithfulness and thank you for making my husband a good steward of your resources, he’s good at it. Living a simple life is indeed a gift from you.

Next Sunday will be my last teaching on my Sunday school class, I told our coordinator I will rest for a while and maybe go back after six months.

My visa was extended for 3 months (I’m married to a local but still hard for me to get visa) thank God for the 3 months extension, they tightened the security because of the Asians Games. Two people I knew were not given visa. From time to time the government checks the church that I’m attending; locals are not allowed to attend.

We extended our stay here for another year, we are expecting for a better, productive and fruitful year ahead of us. It would be hard for us to transfer after giving birth so we decided to extend our stay here and we believe this is also what God wants us to do. We are expecting our angel last week of January or first week of February next year.

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