Pregnancy Update

As my due date is getting near, can’t help but to worry and feel nervous.… ahhh. I haven’t walked for 2 days now due to rain and cold weather, the doctor advised me to walk for at least one hour every day, well I have been doing a lot of walking since I got pregnant. Mom (my husband’s mother) is here now, she’s been a great help to us. We’ve been praying that I can have a normal delivery and that there will be no complications.

I visited the hospital last week, the doctor said everything is well, I lost 6.6 pounds though, maybe because I don’t eat that much now.  I gained 22 pounds since I became pregnant though and my BP dropped from 125/62 to 108/60.

I am thankful that my pregnancy isn’t that complicated, I haven’t experienced, heartburn, constipation, difficulty in breathing, legs cramps, itchiness, back pain, etc. It was during my first trimester that I felt the discomfort.  Lately I also notice that my Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent now.

I will have an ultrasound on the 6th and probably visit the doctor again, my prayer is that my husband is not working when it’s time for me to give birth and that it will happen during the day.

That is all for now, gee it’s really cold here, it’s almost two years now since we transferred  and I haven’t gotten used of the climate yet.


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