WFW-Isaiah 1:18


Isaiah 1:18

I’ve read somewhere that scarlet and crimson are the only dyes in the world that cannot be bleached out without ruining the fabric. It’s very hard to remove once the dye get into your shirt and no matter how you try to bleach it, you can still see the mark of the dye. Same thing is true with our sin, nothing we can do to remove  it only God can.

He is inviting you to consider your life, God is telling you today, I can make your sin as white as snow or wool, I can wash away your sin, it will be as if there was never anything there, I can make you a new person. I can redeem your life and make you whole again, I can make you into a person I have always desired, beautiful, whole and unblemished.

It’s a personal invitation from God and that invitation is “Now”.

He will forgive and cleanse all who come to Him. His blood still makes guilty men clean

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9 thoughts on “WFW-Isaiah 1:18

  1. I’m with Joan….I had NO idea of the crimson and scarlet…further proof that ONLY He can make it white as snow…thanks for sharing this with us today!
    peace on the journey!

  2. So grateful for the power of His blood that cleanses us from our sins. Thank you for the reminder of that power and its significance.

    Happy WFW!

    Joy & Blessings,

  3. Like others I did not know the facts…..but I do know the practice. Quilters will wash red and crimson if they are the only fabrics they wash before making the quilt as they are always the ones to bleed.
    Amazing what God’s word reveals. I am always stunned at the details.
    Thanks for your prayers for Australia.

  4. What a beautiful Scripture to accompany the pure as white snow photo. It’s amazing that nothing can bleach out the crimson stain on our souls but another outpouring of red–the blood of Jesus.
    Thank you for this thoughtful, blessed post.

  5. Blessings Jhunnelle, What a beautiful snow covered scene to go with Isaiah! So profound the fact that you shared on CRIMSON and SCARLET dye, it is no wonder that God’s Word would show us how only Jesus can cleanse us by His scarlet, crimson blood shed for our sins. I guess I need to be covered in snow and soak in the beautiful purity of Jesus’ mercy and grace, giving THANKS and praise that I’m forgiven. Thank you for this beautiful message and WFW as well as your prayers! I agree it is a privilege.

    Peace, love and JOY,

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