Yam Cha-Morning Tea

Last Saturday we went out so early to have our morning tea. Morning tea is a Cantonese Culture where friends and family gather in the restaurant or tea house to read newspaper and chat over a pot of tea and basket of dim sum. It is actually a form of social activity especially for older people.  Transacting business can also be done during this time. Yam cha or morning tea is a unique culture only seen in Guangdong province. Cantonese have this popular saying “A  cup of tea in the morning keeps the doctor away”.

We are not really  fan of morning tea we usually go to the restaurant to eat and not to chat. I don’t like waiting also, imagine waiting for your order for more than 30 minutes, besides it’s more expensive to have morning tea than eating a regular meal:)  Other than morning tea, Cantonese also have the habit of drinking tea in the afternoon and in the evening.

Here are some of the pictures I want to share, it’s not that clear though,I used my cellphone to take these.

chrysanthemum tea





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