WFW-1 John 2:1


Have you ever wondered what will God’s reaction every time you sin? I did, there was a time in my Christian life that I was living in condemnation, fear and doubt. One day while reading the book of Exodus, I  got the answer. I have seen the grace of God while leading the people of Israel to the promise Land, I have seen how stubborn is His love, I have seen His patience, His anger in Exodus 32:9-10 if not for Moses who interceded for the Israelites maybe God destroyed them and I’ve seen His self-control, I’ve seen His wisdom, His justice.

I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever. And so when I sin, He still got angry,  I deserved to die, I deserved punishment. But just like Moses, there is Someone who is interceding for me, there is my Jesus. I think every time I sin, Jesus reminds God the Father of what He has done on the cross.

1 John 2:1 “But if anybody does sin we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense Jesus Christ the righteous one”

Maybe the conversation goes this way “Father, you can not let your wrath fall on Jhunnelle. You can’t punish her, you can’t let her die. Yes, she deserved all these things. She must die, she must be cursed, she must be punished. But Father, she accepted me, she trusted me. I was cursed that He might have abundant life, I died that He might have eternal life, I resurrected that she might have a victorious life. Yes Father, I qualified her to have life instead of death, to have a blessed life instead of a cursed life, to have a victorious life instead of defeated life.

That’s why Jesus Christ is so precious to me and that makes me hate sin more and more.

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14 thoughts on “WFW-1 John 2:1

  1. Another verse in Exodus I love is “Sit back and let God rescue you.” I love this “I think every time I sin, Jesus reminds God the Father of what He has done on the cross.” Very comforting. So humbling that we can mess it all up– but our sin no matter how big or small has been paid for!

  2. AMEN! Great Word Jhunnelle… and His grace keeps on amazing me and cleansing me as Jesus Advocates for us to the Father. Bless you for sharing this comforting conversation and testimony how you(we) stand in the righteousness of Christ! Praise God! Love the photo from above the cloud!

    Peace, love and JOY again…

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