Word-Filled Wednesday-WOMAN


Woman is God’s idea, His creation, cursing a woman means you’re cursing at God’s creation, ignoring her means you’re ignoring God’s creation, hating her means you’re hating God’s idea, taking her for granted means you are taking for granted God’s idea, loving her means you are loving God’s idea, valuing her means you are valuing God’s idea.

Woman you are unique, you are original, you are costly, you can conceive, carry a baby and brings forth this new life into the world, you are an influencer, you are man’s helpmate and object of his love. You are wonderfully and fearfully made, you’re created for specific purpose. Don’t let anyone tell you how much of person you are or what kind of human value you have because you are valuable to Him who created you. He owns you.

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5 thoughts on “Word-Filled Wednesday-WOMAN

  1. Great post. So many women do not know how valuable and precious they are! Thanks so much for this awesome encouragement! Blessings on your day.

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