Thankful Thursday

It’s almost two years now since we decided to stay here, after getting married we moved here with lots of hope, plans and dreams. I feel like for two years though, we did so little especially in the ministry, but honestly we’ve grown so much in our spiritual life. It’s during this time that the Lord became too personal, so close, so real and true to us. He became our Pastor, our Mentor, our Teacher. We have limited access to Christian books, teaching devotionals, teaching CDs or DVDs, Christian shows on TV, etc. Our bible is our constant companion when we want to read books other than ‘our bible”, what I am trying to say is, I have never read my bible the way I read it now. I thank the Lord for the gift of time.

Oh from time to time we feel discouraged, we do have disappointments, have so many questions that remained unanswered. Well, instead of forcing God to answer our questions or struggling with the things we do not know, we decided to just leave everything to Him. I remember the road to Emmaus experience, the two disciples failed to recognize Jesus, only after explaining everything and when He broke a piece of bread that their eyes were opened. Maybe when they realized that they were talking with Jesus, they wanted to ask more questions but the moment they recognized Him, He suddenly disappeared from their sight. They wanted to ask few more questions but instead they had to trust what they had received from Him.

Oh Lord thank you for making me realize that I don’t have all the brains to solve or answer everything, thank you for trusting me with the things I know and whatever I receive right now I trust you with that. Thank you for the things I do not know and for not answering all my pleas, it makes me live by faith and long for you more and more. Thank you for my unlimited knowledge, I am overwhelmed  every time you reveal something. Thank you for you are my “GOD” and I am just your creation.

For more thankful bloggers, visit Lynn our host for this month.

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8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. What a wonderful way to view our many questions…the how’s the why’s…leave it all to Him. it makes me live by faith and long for you more and more. Exactly where He wants us to be.
    Happy TT.

  2. I like this…..Thank you for my unlimited knowledge, I am overwhelmed every time you reveal something

    How good of God!

    Praise Him!

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