I am using my cellphone to post thisl. Facebook is blocked here. Anyway I just wanna update you all, I was admitted in the hospital yesterday morning but i think it was too early, I was just having mild pains at my lowerback, contractions but not painful and a bloody discharge. Last night I couldn’t sleep, I was having a period-like pain every 5 minutes, it was painful but bearable, contractions but not painful. Today the pain is less compared last night, I’m I’m not sure really if this is what they call “labor” I’m expecting for an extreme pain.
Yesterday the doctor told us that my water is less than normal and there might be complications if i have a natural birth, he wanted me to do the operation right away, we told him that we’ll decide today, we have a second thought though of having C-section not because we couldn’t afford it but because we feel like it’s not the best for me and the baby. God gave us peace after praying. We’ve been praying that I’ll deliver today. I have peace that everything will be okey knowing that many people are praying for us. We trust in the Father’s wisdom and power. Another thing that I’m struggling with is the language, my husband is not allowed to stay here, he can only visit me from 4pm to 10pm, I’m not sure if they allow him to be with me in the delivery room, I do hope and pray they will. May you keep us in your prayers. Thank y’all for your message on FB i can read them on my email.



  1. I am praying for you. I don’t know if a decision has been made yet, but I know that Dr.s push c-sections unnecessarily much of the time. I hope the Father will intervene so that his will can be done and that you and baby will be safe. I also pray your husband will be allowed to be there… though the hospital usually has control over those things in the hospital. It is all backwards. 😦
    Shalom to you and your family. In YHVH’s name.

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