My Daughter’s First Fall

My dear daughter rolled out of bed and hit the hard  wood floor last Saturday. I put her on the bed while I was trying to wear the baby carrier, I saw her flipping over but it’s too late to catch her, the next thing happened was so fast, she was on the floor screaming and scared. I was freaking out and calling my husband  I forgot that he was out to buy something.

I picked her up, hugged and kissed her, after like 30 seconds she stopped crying, I checked her head for any bump, thankfully I didn’t feel or see any  “goose eggs” still I got an ice-cube wrapped it with towel and put on her head while nursing her, after 30 minutes she fell asleep probably because it’s time for her to take a nap. It was scary because I’ve heard from others that when a baby falls you have to keep her  awake, anyway I let her sleep while observing her for any changes like her color or breathing, after less than an hour  she woke up okey, smiling and playing again. I felt horrible and felt like I am a terrible mom. First time moms I guess feel that way.


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