Thankful Thursday-He is Faithful

God is doing amazing things in our life, indeed He is faithful. His faithfulness doesn’t depend on us, on the things we’re doing, doesn’t depend on any circumstances, He is faithful because that’s the way He is.

I have watched His extreme faithfulness (it’s just the way i describe it), answering  my prayer in an astonishing way, something that I didn’t expect. A couple of months ago, I wanted to buy some personal stuff, I saw pairs of shoes that I really wanted, there’s one thing that the Father taught me, every time I want something “ask Him”  and not anyone else(like my husband, etc.). Just, few days ago, someone sent me 300 dollars… woaahh , isn’t God amazing?

Of course these shoes don’t cost 300 dollars:). This is just one of His so many ways to answer our prayers.

Last month my husband, increased his hourly rate by 50% the company that he’s working with, agreed. He’s been working part-time  for a year now, amazingly he’s receiving more than what he had when he’s doing full-time job.

One thing that the Father taught us here, His blessing doesn’t depend in the place or country we’re into, or the work we’re doing, or the state of our spirituality, He wants to bless us simply because He loves to do it.

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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday-He is Faithful

  1. “He blesses us simply because he loves to do it.” I love that quote. I have no problem praying for others yet have a hard time praying for the small things for myself; things that i want rather than need. Yet, these are the things a father gives to his children out love. I’m thankful he is blessing you and your husband.

  2. God is faithful. I also love your quote, “He wants to bless us simply because He loves to do it.” So true!

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