I Am a Loser….

Genealogies in the bible are quite boring to read for some, including me. But that was before, only until God revealed to me something in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. God displays His sovereignty and grace through this passage.

As we go through with Jesus genealogy, we see some messed-up folks here. David the adulterer and murderer, Solomon loved hundreds of woman. Rahab the gentile and prostitute. Ruth was also a gentile.

We can see these people in Matthew chapter 1 because in God’s sovereign grace He chose to use them. He used the imperfect and ordinary people to fulfill His plan. We are just like these people, ordinary and imperfect, but if we are willing to surrender our imperfections to God, He is very willing to transform and use us, as an instrument to fulfill His perfect plans.

You might be thinking that you are not qualified to serve the Lord because of your past, you might be wondering if God can use you because you messed-up in the past. But look at this people, they’re a bunch of losers. But God chose to use them and it’s because of His grace and sovereignty

Grace means that all you are and all you have comes because He chooses to give it, and not because you can demand it or deserve it. And grace is only possible because of Jesus Christ.

If Christ is in you. God can use you to fulfill His great plans. You may seem like an ordinary man, but you can do extraordinary things for His glory.

As i have read somewhere, God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.


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