My Simple Daybook

FOR TODAY: September 13 , 2011

Outside my window… it’s hot and humid

I am thinking….. about what to cook tonight.

I am thankful….for the holiday, it’s mid autumn festival yesterday my husband was free  and we’re able to visit a park.

From the learning room…. Parenting and really trying to be patient and gracious all the time.

In the kitchen…... I’ll try to make beef dumplings tonight.

I am wearing...shorts and shirt.

I am creating.. a cross-stitch, we moved to another apartment, our walls need some decorations.

I am going.... probably take a nap later or start cooking while the baby is sleeping.

I am wondering.…what is the future has for us, surely we have a brighter one.

I am reading.... the Bible.

I am hoping and praying… for a lot of things, salvation, healing for others , direction, provision, praying for our church back home, I’m praying for every request I’ve read online (blogs, FB, etc.) and most of all, for my husband’s healing his Total Bilirubin is pretty high, the doctor suggested to have his liver biopsied, all the blood test and  ultrasound are normal though. He doesn’t like to undergo biopsy.

I am looking forward to..… to a peaceful week, I have been a little cranky for the past days.

I am hearing...the room is quiet.

Around the house…clothes to fold, dirty clothes to wash, dust to wipe, we just moved to another apartment a couple of weeks ago our place is still a little messy.

I am pondering.… about my life(attitude and character and, my relationship with my husband and the Lord.

One of my favorite things….cookies…. every Sunday I am really feasting with homemade cookies. After service we usually go to a place where we can eat homemade western food and a little of Asian. The place is pretty good, we can watch movies, play indoor and outdoor games, borrow books from the library and visit a thrifty store where you can buy cheap things, the proceeds go to the people working in that facility. The facility is owned and managed by a Christian Couple who are really generous.

A few plans for the rest of the week……. I want to do a menu plan for a week,

Here is the picture for thought I am sharing….. … she loves to eat.

I’m linking with The Simple Woman’s Daybook today.

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