A Few Ramblings….

Life is pretty busy these days, since we moved to our new place, seems like every day I am busy. It has been also forever since I have blogged. I haven’t had much to say really. Lately, I’ve been trying to re-evaluate what’s going on with my life and really trying to focus my heart towards Jesus. Hope to share that in the coming days.

Two months ago we moved to another apartment. It’s bigger, (more than 80 m2) and with lift, yay I don’t need to climb till 8th floor,  the rent is higher though.  One thing I like here, it’s convenient. It’s just few steps away from the Supermarket, McDo and KFC and probably 15 minutes walk to Carrefour and Park and Shop.  It’s near the clinic where we have Bethany’s immunization and the hospital where we do her monthly check up, it’s the same hospital where I gave birth. Another thing, it is near Public Safety Bureau, that’s where I renew my visa. One disadvantage though, it’s far from the metro station but the bus stop is just few steps away from our building. This is not really the place that we wanted, but the rent is within our budget and it’s somehow furnished. We thank the Father for His provision. We are paying a little less than 500 dollars every month.

That's our street......
The buildings in front of us, our building is pretty much like this.
our neighborhood

It has been pretty upsetting that I couldn’t do anything when Bethany is awake. She’s having some kind of separation anxiety. She just wants us to carry or be with her when she’s awake. I couldn’t even put her on her crib without watching her. She cries every time I leave the room.  I sometimes lose my patience especially when I am cooking and she wants me to carry her or just play with her.

our messy bed, oh she's sleeping that's why I was able to blog

Well, instead of losing my joy, the Lord gave me the wisdom to do household chores. I will probably do them during the night when she’s sleeping.

It’s an unending cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, marketing, etc, etc. Sometimes I feel  tired and  thought of going to work again but I think this is what the Lord wants me to do for now, who knows someday He will let me go back to work or probably have our own business instead of working for someone.

Ahhh, God is good indeed. I do trust His wisdom and His judgment. Time to end this, my boss is awake now:)

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