Choosing to be a stay-at-home Mom

“Are you working?”

“Nah, I’m staying at home mom and wife, I didn’t work since I got married, though I did part-time job.”

“Really?,  I couldn’t imagine myself just staying at home doing nothing, I have a baby, my parents are taking care of her while I am working here.”  She’s working here and her child is with her parents in our Country.

I was used of living independently, after graduating from college, I went to another city to work and from that time on until I got married I’d lived independently. I sent my sister to college, she’s with me until she got married.

What I’m trying to say here is, choosing home wasn’t an easy thing for me, I wanted to work, I wanted to earn,  I had worries, I had lots of what if… and if we both earning, we can have more, we can buy more, but you see I had plans but the Lord has other plan for me, for us.

I didn’t always want to be a stay at home mom, I never thought of just staying at home taking care of the house, my husband’s needs and the children.  Thinking about that made me cringe.  Probably because I live in the world where women must compete, build a career, conquer, be the leader or boss and bring home the money.

I had plans but the Lord has another plan. I surrendered to my calling, and let my husband fulfill his calling as well to be the protector and provider, to be the head of the family. I may not be earning but we’ve seen His hands working.  He is meeting our needs and even sometimes our wants. Surrendering my will to him allows me to fulfill my God-given role as wife and mother.

I may not have those fancy clothes and shoes,  I may not drive a car, I may not have those latest gadgets but my life is more peaceful, I don’t need to compete with the world, I don’t need to run after the world and its goodies.  Honestly though, sometimes I ask the Lord for my wants, It’s up to my Father to give those but I’m not running after those things.

I firmly believe we go through “seasons” my season now is to stay at home.  I’m not sure if the Lord will call me again to work outside my home. I am thankful for this season of my life where I can take care of the house and my husband’s and baby’s needs.

This post has been submitted to the week’s Gratitude post with Ann Voskamp and to Thankful Thursday with Lyn.

The beginning of my 1,000 Gifts to be Thankful for……

#1 my old Camera at last it retired few months ago, it suddenly stopped functioning.

#2 And because we can no longer use it, my husband bought a new one with 3D  and HD video functions, I always want a DSLR Camera but I think it’s not yet the time to buy that.

#3  the 3D pictures, they are absolutely cool.

#4 the 3D monitor and glasses we can able to view at our 3D pictures:)

#5 for our new place, it’s spacious and with lift, YAY I don’t need to climb till 8th floor.

#6 the smile from my baby’s face while breastfeeding her.

#7 the courage to breastfeed inside a public transportation full of people.

#8 the fussiness of my baby sometimes, somehow it helps me develop my patience.

#9 the cool weather, that means less electricity bill because we don’t need to use AC.

#10 being a stay home mother.

14 thoughts on “Choosing to be a stay-at-home Mom

  1. Wonderful post! I, too, was set on building a career and being “successful” in the eyes of the world. I am working as a nurse while my husband is in seminary. But I long to be home with my babies. Learning to be thankful during all seasons of life. Glad to have you joining us in our journey of gratitude.

  2. The “seasons” of life are sometimes inconvenient, and you seem mightily up to the challenge of thanking God for where you are. My husband and I long to start a family, but it’s just not our “season” yet due to graduate school and finances.

    Your little one is adorable, much to be grateful for!

  3. I am thankful that you are dedicated to obeying the Lord no matter what!!! I am home with my children as well, and it is a sacrifice—but I do love it! Not everyone understands, in fact many do not. I am encouraged by you!

    1. I agree Megan, in fact in our culture both parents need to work and they will let the helper or the grandparents to take care of the kids but my husband and I agreed that he’ll be the one to work and I’ll take care of the kids and the house. It maybe the best decision for others but this is our conviction and I believe we made the best one.

  4. You are a delight and how much God loves you for living with courage and honoring God by loving your family. Neat. Happy TT. See you again this Thursday. Hugs.

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