My One Thousand gifts on this Thankful Thursday

Ruth is a portrayal of God’s grace. Although she is a Moabite, she found favor in God’s sight  because she chose the best thing, to give her heart and life to the God of Israel. As we all know Boaz redeemed her.

Jesus is my Boaz, He is my redeemer. He became fully human just like me so He could be my kinsman. The kinsman-redeemer had the duty of buying back land that had been forfeited. Jesus redeemed me from all my wickedness, He brought back the blessings that were stolen by Satan that I may enjoy them once again.

When Boaz redeemed Ruth, she was able to enjoy all that Boaz had. Just like Ruth I can now enjoy the Father’s blessings, since Christ redeemed me. Whatever Adam was given to Satan, Jesus Christ taken that back for me, for us. Satan has no power over me. I am victorious because of Jesus Christ. I am blessed because of Him, I am favored because of Him.

Ahh thank you Father for that undeserved and unmerited favor .

Today I’m thankful for….

#10 my Christ, my savior, my lover, my best friend, my mediator, my provider, my protector, my healer.

#11 the Holy Spirit, my teacher, my encourager.

#12 my Heavenly Father for His unconditional love and for His radical forgiveness.

#13 allowing me to have a personal relationship with  His Son.

#14 the scripture.

#15 the people who compiled and translated the bible in the language where I can understand.

#16 the Pastors and bible teachers who helped me grow spiritually.

#17 the missionaries who visited our hometown and share God’s love to us, I was became a believer through them.

#18 the church we are attending now.

#19 the Country I’m staying right now, it may be a restricted nation but somehow the situation led me to seek God on my own and not rely on outside sources, I no longer believe because I heard others testimony but I believe because I experience it.

#20 the people who are praying for us.


6 thoughts on “My One Thousand gifts on this Thankful Thursday

  1. I am new to your blog though Thankful Thurdays. Ruth is probably one of my most favorite of the books of the Bible and I so enjoyed your comments about it today. We certainly are so blessed to have been redeemed by the blood of Christ, our Savior. Those are all wonderful things for which to be thankful!

  2. This is such a beautiful TT post. I always loved stopping here to read about your heart and love for Jesus.

    Have a blessed November and Holiday season. BIG hugs, Lynn

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