God Loves Us Period

Luke 15:29 “Look all these years, I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders. Yet you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends.

May the older brother did not know his position as the eldest son? Maybe his relationship with his father was based on obligation and fear and not based on love? Maybe he tried to please his father by performing but he never realized that all his father wanted was him. Maybe he did not know well his father? Maybe he never asked from his father and just waiting for his father to approach him or give him?

This story reminds me of out relationship with the Father; oftentimes we do not know our position as His child. We do not know or yes we do know but we really don’t believe that He is gracious God and loves to give us all our needs more than we ever ask for, that we have a Father who blesses us abundantly and that we never lack anything. The problem sometimes is our relationship operates on what the law says; you need to do this and that in order to receive this and that. You need to perform to earn his love. But no, God loves us period. His love is not based on our performance but is based on His Son Jesus Christ. There’s nothing wrong with the law but if you based your love for Him by obeying the law then you will only be frustrated because no one can obey the law 100 percent. Let your love be based on the love He has for you. As John said you love him because he has first loves us. Have confidence to come before him. Have confidence to ask for your needs because He loves to shower His children with blessings.

Today I am thankful for the following:

#21 I was able to attend the women’s conference with my daughter.

the picture is not really clear, I used my cellphone to take this, I forgot my camera

#22 We were able to attend the couples night with our daughter.

#23 Simple life.

#24 Living a thrifty life.

#25 The income that the Lord is using to meet our needs.

#26 The savings we have.

#26 Winter Clothes and shoes.

#27 The house we are staying.

#28 The bed we are sleeping.

#29 The toys that distract my baby when I’m doing something.

#30 The mop I’m using to clean the floor.


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