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Feels like forever since my last post… and it probably is! I have just been busy with other things. I don’t have the luxury of time to stay long in the computer, besides like other sites (facebook, twitter, blogger, etc) wordpress is also blocked here; it made me lazier to blog. Another reason is, since my angel started walking I need to always keep an eye on her.

One week before Christmas we moved to another apartment, it’s much nicer but more expensive that our previous place, it’s near my husband’s work though. It’s a walking distance to my husband’s work and to the house church where he’s attending.

Christmas was just an ordinary day, we didn’t celebrate the way we celebrated it in my country, we went to church that’s all that we did, and so with New Year.

Chinese New Year, we were in the Philippines, we stayed there for 11 days. We spent most of our time in my family in the province; we just stayed in Manila for few days to see my nephew and brother-in-law and to settle some important things. We really didn’t have time to meet our friends, except for some. It was a brief encounter, we really didn’t have enough time to talk.

Our province is very remote; from Manila we traveled 45 minutes by plane to another city。

and from that city we travelled 20 minutes again by plane to my place, unfortunately when we arrived in that city, there were no flights anymore so we need to stay there overnight.

That’s the airplane we rode going to my hometown, it is a 5-seater plane.

Ready to board.

It was my husband’s first time to visit the place. He likes the place so much, he likes the simple life. It’s a small coastal town. Life is so simple.  Electricity runs from  5PM to 9PM, no cars just few tricycles, no pollution. I guess that’s the reason why my husband wants to settle there. It would be a stress free life, a laid-back life an organic life.

We rode a small boat from the town proper to my mother’s place.

She’s enjoying the ride.


My Parents’ place. She has a sari-sari store, sari-sari means “variety, a convenience store only found in my country.


She sells rice, gasoline, sugar, etc, etc.


Some of my cousins

During our stay there, the weather wasn’t so good, it didn’t stop raining. When it’s raining it would be hard for the plane to fly, so we’ve been praying non-stop also. He is an answering God, when it’s time for us to go back to Manila, the rain stopped and we’re able to fly back.

Our trip was great but traveling back to Manila was a disaster. We didn’t book our ticket from another city to Manila because we didn’t know what date we could return, the weather in my hometown is unpredictable, we tried to buy an airplane ticket when we arrived in that city but it was absolutely high. My husband was upset, he didn’t want to travel by bus, imagine traveling 14 hours by bus and we had a one year old baby. We didn’t have choice anyway. It was really hard. Nevertheless we were so thankful that we’re able to visit my hometown it was God’s miracle indeed. Travelling during that time of the year was really hard because it was rainy season.

That’s our airport in my hometown.


That’s the airplane we rode from my hometown to another city, it’s much bigger huh, and from that city we took a bus and traveled for 14 hours going to Manila.


We were thankful during our stay, food was abundant, my husband was able to eat sea foods, unfortunately I couldn’t eat much sea foods because I am pregnant.

Back in Manila, my brother-in-law treated us in a restaurant; at the same time we celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday.


She loves her cake:)




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