I Can’t Believe It’s been a Year already

My daughter turns one year old this month, ah time flies too quickly. It seems like yesterday when she was like this, tiny, little, cute baby.

Ahh those sleepless nights. I can still remember the fears we have, the questions like how much should she eat? How many time should she burp? How would I bathe her? How often should I change the diaper? Why is she sounding this way, is she okey? We questioned everything and worried too much. Our life has never been the same since she came into our life. It’s been much better and a little tougher. It was sometimes frustrating but it was without a doubt an exhilarating experience.

I guess she’s no longer a baby, she’s a little girl now. She can walk, run and climb.  Photobucket

She has 4 teeth. Ah I’m just completely amazed with the changes. She’s gaining independence constantly. She knows what she wants as well as she does not and she’ll tell you.

She knows how to manipulate. She wants to go there,  get that, try this. When you’re holding her too long she gets angry. She’s curious with everything and trying to imitate the things we do.

It’s pretty amazing experience watching her grow and learn. And wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.


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