WFW-Isaiah 55:9


I sometimes have the difficulty of reconciling the issues of free will and God’s sovereignty. I guess I am one of those believers who have the difficulty of  understanding how the choices of men can be reconciled with the plans of God.

However, looking at the Israelites story in the Old Testament, God’s plan is absolute, He is capable of doing whatever He wants to do without being stopped by anyone.

One thing I have learned from the story of the Israelites in the Old Testament is , no matter how i messed up in the past, God can still accomplish His plans in my life.

I cannot influence God, I cannot bribe or persuade Him with my good works or with my service to Him. I believe that’s the reason why I am asked to pray according to His will. I must pray His prayer.

I have to do things His way that everything may go well with me.

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