Thankful Thursday

The country I’m living now is not celebrating Holy Week, unlike in my country today is holiday but here, it is just an ordinary day for everyone.

Today I remember and thank the Lord  for what He has  done for me on the cross. (#s41-50)


thank you for You carried my weaknesses.

it was Your sorrow that weighed you down

You were pierced for my rebellion

You were crushed for my sins

You were beaten so I could be whole

You were whipped so I could be healed

yet You did not complain

You submitted to these sufferings not only because of me but most of all to do the will of the Father. When you saw all that is accomplished by your anguish You were satisfied and

because of that you made it possible for many to be counted righteous for You bore all our sins.

With all the things You’ve done, what more can I ask for, Is there any room for me to doubt? Is there any room for me to complain? Ahh…yet, sometimes I do. Forgive my ignorance, forgive my foolishness.

I know words are not enough, but today, let me say… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE FOR ME. THANK YOU FOR THE Undefined, Indescribable and Incredible LOVE YOU HAVE FOR ME.

This post This post has been submitted to this week’s Gratitude post with Ann Voskamp and to Thankful Thursday with Iris.


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