His Plans are too Numerous to Count

Psalm 40:5 ” O LORD my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal. If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them.”

I haven’t seen this verse the way I see it now, ah… the scripture is really overflowing with treasures

Indeed we will never lack any good thing.  Everyday He has something to offer. Everyday He has wonderful things prepared for us. His plans are too many to count and if we ever try to count them, we would never come to an end. He is an infinite God and so His goodness, His provision, His refreshment, His rest, His guidance, His peace, His joy, His comfort, His forgiveness, His love.

Today I want to thank Him for the following:

#51 for giving me a new beginning and hope every morning.

#52 for revealing what’s in my heart everyday, may it be sin, strength, weakness or traits that need to change. It makes me humble and know Him more in a higher level.  Every time He reveals something, I feel so broken and makes me worship Him more and more. It makes me appreciate more His love and His forgiveness.

#53 for a two-day rest He has given for my husband.

#54 for letting us celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.

#55 for his grace to face the challenges of marriagehood and motherhood.

#56 for a generous sister.

#57 for giving me time to read books.

#58 for a thirsty soul like that of the deer pants  for water.

#59 an out-of-town with my family.

#60 for a nice weather today.

Father, may you remind me of this promise especially when I feel like I cannot see your plans for us. When our future seems bleak and our path seems dark and we cannot see your hands, remind us that you have a lot of things in store for us. In every situation we are into, remind us that your plans are too numerous and already established and that no one can change it. Amen!

This post This post has been submitted to this week’s Gratitude post with Ann Voskamp and to Thankful Thursday with Iris.


7 thoughts on “His Plans are too Numerous to Count

  1. Well, I kind of had 53, BUT that came after 3 weekends in a row of him working from home (on work stuff, projects need to be finished) all weekend after a full week at work. So they were his first full rest days in 4 weeks.

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