9 Weeks More Before the Big Day

9 weeks more before the big day, waiting seems like forever. We had this ultrasound two weeks ago. Unfortunately though, the sex wasn’t revealed to me, I tried to ask the Sonographer but she told me she couldn’t tell the sex, not because she couldn’t find it or didn’t know how, but because here, they are not allowed to tell the sex of the baby. I think every hospital has its own policy. When I was pregnant with my first baby, the hospital where I gave birth told us the sex when I had my ultrasound on the 4th month of my pregnancy because I am a foreigner.

We haven’t thought of a name yet, I am thinking of Elijah if the baby is boy and Elisha if it’s a girl…. hmmm Elisha..it’s kinda manly like my name, anyway we’re still looking for a name. Any suggestions?:)

I look bigger than my first pregnancy, we went to the hospital this morning, I had another urine and blood test. The results were okey, my BP was also good, I gained 13.22 lbs. I’m thinking to start dieting now. My last ultrasound showed that  the baby’s size  was smaller for 29 weeks, the measurement was one week behind, the doctor advised me to eat more but I guess the size is okey. My next visit is on the 16th, from now till I deliver I am going to have a once-a-week visit.

We’re exited to see our  second child and at the same time I’m anxious. Ahh..anxious about the pain I will undergo.

Oh Lord…let me have a 2 hour labor pleasseee!

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