Happy Birthday Kristine

IMG_20120708_170722A year ago I gave to a another cute little girl, yes it’s my second daughter’s birthday today. How quickly that year has gone by.

I was due to give birth on the 4th of July. I remember how worried and stressed I was when she didn’t come out on that day, the doctor told us to induce me if  I will not give birth after a week. I thank the Lord for she came out 4 days after, I was afraid and didn’t want to undergo induction.It was a smooth delivery though, a 3 hour labor.

I remember drinking soda and eating chocolate and fries inside the delivery room while having contractions, I was allowed to eat anything while in labor. My husband wasn’t allowed to stay inside the DR, we’re using sign language and from time to time they phoned my husband every time they wanted to tell something to me.

I was relieved when I heard your first cry, we didn’t know your gender until the nurse told us, you’re a girl. You were so tiny, tinier than your sister. You have been more a blessing to us, you bring so much joy in us. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what else God reveals to us through you.

Happy Birthday Mei mei, it’s just so sad that your great-grandmother passed away yesterday and wasn’t able to see you. I’m sure she’d love to see you. It is my prayer that you’ll meet her someday in heaven.

It’s been our prayer even before you were not born yet that you will entrust your life to Jesus our Lord and you may choose to have a personal relationship with Him. That you may serve Him wholeheartedly and passionately for the rest of your life.


This our prayer to you and to your sister.

We speak God’s blessings upon you.

May the Lord give you a heart to love Him, a mind to know His will, strength to obey Him and a soul to fear Him.

May He grant you wisdom and understanding of His word.

May your hands do the works that He has ordained for you; may your feet walk the path He has prepared for you.

May you see things beyond the naturals eyes can see; may you speak the truth in love; may your ears hear His voice alone.

May He prosper you spiritually, materially, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

May you always worship Him in spirit and in truth; may you serve the Lord passionately.

Above all may His Spirit be with you always.

You are truly a wonderful blessing from the Father.



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