Jesus Wept

My grandmother passed away yesterday morning, there is overwhelming sadness here, really could’t explain how I feel right now, guilt, denial, anger……don’t know how to explain. I couldn’t go home  because of my two children. Losing a loved one is really hard and traumatic, maybe that’s the reason why Jesus wept when his friend,Lazarus died.

I dreamt of her death a week before she passed away, I had this feeling that her life on earth was going to end soon, but still I tried to bargain and really begged and prayed to the Lord to extend her life even just for a year. But the Father has his reasons, and His ways are perfect.

She was like a mother to me, she took care of me and my sister when we were young. I remember the hardship she went through, she raised her family alone. She’s a strong woman. She’s the best grandmother in the world. I will forever miss her.

I know this is not goodbye, to my grandmother….”see you soon.Image




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