Season of Pruning

IMG_0637Every time I read the story of the Israelites I often wonder and criticize them for their lack of faith. They had seen God’s faithfulness. They witnessed God’s power yet they continued to murmur and grumble. God provided food and water. God’s hedge of protection was with them. Everything that The Lord showed and did for them seemed wasn’t enough, they kept complaining and even replaced Him with a statue.

God wanted to lead them, to bring them to the place of milk and honey, but their disobedience showed that they still wanted to be in control, they couldn’t put their total dependence to the God who saved them from slavery.

I am reminded that their story is my story. I have seen God’s faithfulness in our life. He has been our sustainer and protector. Yet just like the Israelites, sometimes I want to be in control of my destiny. It seems like I couldn’t trust His wisdom and judgement. It seems like My plan is better than His.

The Israelites journey to the promise land wasn’t so good. It was a journey into the unknown. It was a new season for them, the journey was outside their comfort zone.

We are in the season where we don’t see much activity, we don’t see any fruit. I sometimes feel unproductive and wonder if we are doing the will of God. I guess we are in the season of pruning. Pruning is painful, we need this though for us to bear more fruit.

We may seem in the wilderness, the future is unknown to us. One thing for sure though, the One who is leading us knows the way through the wilderness and He is with us. He orchestrated and planned every season in our life. In every season He is there, from cultivating to planting to watering to fertilizing to harvesting to pruning. He is there and enjoys each season. He is working even when we didn’t sense any activity, He is always at work.

His desire is not to harm and to do us only good, His intentions are wonderful, yet my human nature still grumbles and complains. Oh how I need more grace. Embracing this season with faith and gratitude is what I need to do. He was faithful yesterday, He is today and will be tomorrow.

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every even under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1


Today Lord I am thankful for this reminder.

I am thankful for this season of pruning.

I am thankful for the gift of today.

I am thankful for my children. They may seem so demanding, this is the season where they so much need and want their mommy. I am thankful for I have so much time to be with them and to try to meet all their needs.

I am thankful for the food, there will be a time that I will miss the taste of the food here.

I am thankful for the weather, the sounds, the smells and the sights, time will come that we will leave this place.

I am thankful that you planned our lives and leads us through many fruitful seasons. Thank you for in every season of our life, You’re with us. You walked with us through those seasons.

Thank you for reminding me to embrace and enjoy this season instead of wishing I was in different one.


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