Multitudes on Mondays


Thankful when the children are playing and sleeping, oh how I need quietness, I feel refreshed and energized when the house is quite. This is my “me” time, thinking, reflecting and meditating.

Thankful for the people who mentored me from afar, I read their books and blog, Frank Viola, Max Lucado and Phillip Yancey.

Thankful for the weather, it’s not too hot today. The air is good as well

Thankful for the book I’m reading “When Will My Life not Suck”

Thankful for I have time to read books.

Thankful that I can be with my children for this season of their life, watching them, taking care of their needs.

Thankful for the songs I’m listening, it quiets my soul.

Thankful for a sister who is generous.

Meeting relatives before leaving.

Dining out for free, the owner of the restaurant didn’t charge us and the food was  wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Multitudes on Mondays

  1. Hi, I. hopping over from Ann’s link up. Nice to meet you. Thanks for letting me peek in here and count gifts with you, Moments to read and have down time are precious, aren’t they? And I see you live in China! Neat. My daughter is learning Mandarin, and she loves learning all about China.

    Savoring time with my kids too,
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. hi Jennifer, thank you so much for dropping, unfortunately i couldn’t access your site, internet here is so slow, it’s the anniversary of the Tiannamen yesterday that’s why the government is trying to control or censor internet, well they always do, actually wordpress is blocked here and so with FB, twitter, blogspot and other websites, I’m just using some kind of proxy to access it, but it’s pretty slow.

      China is a fascinating place and so with the culture. My daughters ages 3 and 2 years old speak Chinese:) I never learned Chinese though:), in a couple of weeks we’re moving to the Philippines, we want our children to study there.


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