Happy Birthday Jezan

imageYou’re a blessing to us. This is our prayer for you.

In every stage of your life, may the Father enable you to do what He has called you to do.

May He anoint you to accomplish what He purposed you to do and be.
May you never stray from it or try to be something or someone you are not.

May the Father deliver you from the plans of the enemy to rob you of life to steal away your uniqueness and giftedness. May you always be the person He’ve created you to be.

May you always desire to follow and please Him and not anyone else.

May you lead people to His Kingdom. May you become the head and not the tail. May you become an influencer.

May you find your identity in Christ. May the Lord help you to see yourself as He does and not how others perceive you. May you not forget that you’re accepted and loved by Him not because of your accomplishments and what you’ve done to Him. You’re loved because He is love.

May sickness will have no place or power in your life. I pray for protection against any disease coming into your body. Whenever there is illness we pray that the Lord would heal you and restore your health completely. May He protect you from any accident. We pray that the Lord grant you long life.

May the Lord give you the deepest desire to properly take care your body and eat only what is good to your body.

May He give you healthy mind and emotion, a teachable spirit and ability to learn. May you love to study His word. May you love learning and desire to attain knowledge and skills. May you find joy in studying.

May your gifts and talents given to you by God be developed in His way and time. May these never be wasted and used only to glorify His name.

We love you!


Naisip Ko Lang

Ang sarap mag post sa Facebook ng pasasalamat kung tayo ay may bagong gadget, kotse o bagong sapatos. Masarap mag post ng papuri sa Panginoon kung tayo ay nasa business class sa eroplano at nasa five star hotel at ang masarap pa nito, all expenses paid by the company, tunay ngang eto ay pagpapala, masarap mag post ng “I am blessed” kung nakakatanggap tayo ng mga bagay bagay na libre, wala nga naman masama na tayo ay magpasalamat sa Dios, nararapat lang na pasalamatan natin sya sa lahat ng mga biyayang natatanggap natin.

Naisip ko lang, kapag palaging ganito ay di ba parang may kondisyon ang ating pasasalamat. Di ba parang nagpapasalamat lang tayo kung may mga materyal na bagay tayong natatanggap o nabibili, nagpapasalamat lang tayo kung may mabubuting nagyayari sa ating buhay. Di ko naman sinasabi na magpasalamat tayo kung may trahedyang nagyayari sa atin. Nakaukit na kasi sa ating pagiisip na blessed lang tayo kapag may may bagong gadget tayo, kapag na-promote tayo sa trabaho, pag nabili natin ang gusto natin, di ba pwedeng “pinagpala tayo” dahil iyun ang totoo ke walang promotion, ke walang bagong gadget, etc, etc. We are blessed period, no buts no ifs.

Parenting… It’s probably the Hardest Job on Earth

Parenting scared me so much, every night I am praying to God to give me wisdom on how to do it right without breaking my children. I’m afraid I might break them instead of make them. I’ve read so many parenting books, but still I feel like, it isn’t enough. At times I feel like I’m going crazy and feel like giving up. But then I realized, they are gifts from God, the Lord sees something in me that He entrusted me these two girls.

And yes, I can not do this alone. When He gave me these children, He’s asking me to partner with Him. He didn’t just give this responsibility to me and left me figure out how to do it on my own. He is there guiding me all through my life and through the life of my children. There is no exact formula for parenting. There are methods that work for me but not for others, that’s is why parenting is by faith. By faith, that He can able to keep our children. That no matter how good our plans for our children, He has better plans for them. That no matter how good our intentions are, we still mess up and do things that we ought not to do and regret later.

Parenting is being dependent on His sovereign plan and loving care for our children. Parenting is being dependent on His wisdom, love, strength and provision. Believing that while we are doing our part He is holding us and our children, guiding us and giving us perfect peace and joy. And yes I’m not brave, I’m not superwoman, I’m not like those who seem so good at parenting. I’m not good, I’m not perfect, I’m a messy parent but one thing I’m proud of, I am dependent, dependent on the One who is Perfect. Dependent on the One who knows my children better than me.

And yes I pray that I would be able to love them unconditionally, I pray I can communicate my love in a manner they can understand. I pray that they can still feel loved and accepted even when we discipline them and I pray that the words I speak will give them life. These are hard to do and that is why I need to be dependent on Him.