Christmas gives me Hope

There were 400 years between the book of Malachi and the opening of the New testament . There are called “silent years” because there were no inspired words from God. It may seemed like God was silent but there were political changes cultural changes, Greek language spread throughout the world providing a common language. There was religious changes like the Jews developed a new zeal for the law.

All these changes set the stage for the long-awaited Messiah, and that for us now is the “Christmas”

May we be reminded that even if we feel like God is silent. There are still prayers and dreams that remain unanswered and unfulfilled. Know that our God is working we may not see that. He is setting the stage for the appointed time for you to receive the answer to your prayers, for your dreams to be fulfilled. Hang on there, your waiting is not wasted.

He may not come through in our appointed time, He will surely come in His time. Though situations say otherwise, though time may seem running out. Believe God will going to come through on His schedule fulfilling his plans for you. God’s people had been waiting for the Savior promised to them, they prayed and longed for that time to happen. And then on the right time, right place, right day, Jesus was born. While the Lord rarely comes in our appointed time, He always comes at the right time.



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