Grateful…yes I am

Thankful for allowing me to be in this situation, I have learned to appreciate the things I took for granted in the past. You’ve taught me to enjoy and appreciate every season of  life, i wish I’ve realized that before.

Thank you for allowing me to accept our current situation.

Thank you for the healthy, fresh and abundant food we are eating everyday.

Thank you for letting me lose some pounds.

Thank you for we are all well.

Thank you for letting my two year old daughter sang God is good all the time and you are my hiding place, during the times that I felt low. The songs reminded me of your goodness and faithfulness, no matter what we are into, the fact remains, you are good and faithful.

Thank for paying our expenses.

Thank you for giving my husband the wisdom on how to handle money. I don’t need to tell everything but you know what I meant.

Thank you for the book I’m reading, the book speaks to me and I know it’s you who’s speaking you’re just using the book.

Thank you for letting me feel hopeful today.

Have I told you before how much I’m thankful for the house we are staying, I thought it’s not your will for us to stay in this house, I realized it was also part of your plan, what if we are renting while Albert has no job we would be spending a lot without any income, thank you so much

Thank you for helping me not to desire clothes, shoes and other material things. I’m really thankful that you are meeting our needs. Right now I’m no longer asking for the things we don’t need.

Thank you for teaching me to live simply, and teaching me to set aside my wants.

Thank you for teaching me to appreciate even the smallest things, like the toothpaste, brush, floss, soap, etc.

Thank you for we can still use internet.

Thank you for teaching me through my children. They are happy because their needs are being met. They don’t need new clothes to be happy, they don’t new toys to be happy. As long as we are here with them, as long as they have enough food. You know, we’re able to meet their needs. You are teaching me to be like them, as long as you are with me I should be happy, and as long as you’re with me my needs are being met.

Thank you for teaching me that you alone is the true source of joy.

Thank you for reminding me everyday that I’m a work in progress and i don’t need to be stressed. I’m still messing up, I shout at my kids, my husband and I argue from time to time.

But most of all thank you for your mercy, grace and love, they are new every morning



Thank you Father for My Dear Husband who


does the household chores like, cooking and sometimes washing the dishes, while I’m taking care of our daughter

comes home everyday and for always being there when we need him

handles the finances well and for being hardworking .

who’d rather stay with his family than anywhere else.

isn’t materialistic

lives a simple life.

prioritizes his family

loves to spend  time with his family

desires to please You and loves You above all else

who finds confident in You.

To my husband, you are a blessing to us. “I have the highest confidence in you, and I take great pride in you. You have greatly encouraged me and made me happy despite all our troubles”. 2 Corinthians 7:4 (NLT)

Happy Father’s Day!

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Doing Everything for The Glory of God

From time to time I am thinking about how much our life had changed since we got married and started a family. Our hope and dream to be in the front line was sidetracked and put on hold.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, I love my daughter, indeed she brings joy and blessings to our lives and another blessing is coming, 11 weeks from now I’ll be giving birth to our second child. But sometimes I thought of just how much of my time is spent in our house. We rarely go out anymore. I envied those women who are doing full-time in the ministry especially those missionaries. I stopped teaching in the Sunday School since I gave birth. I couldn’t even stay long in the church every Sunday to listen to the preaching because my daughter sometimes is noisy and I need to bring her out.

Soon, I’ll be taking care of a toddler and a baby, couldn’t help but think….. can I ever go back to the ministry. I used to feel fulfilled when I did some ministries.

I am thanking the Father for reminding me of this verse, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Being a wife to my husband and mother to my children are major part of my ministry. Whether I am at home taking care of my family, doing household chores, changing diaper, breastfeeding, bringing my daughter to the park, etc, etc… or sharing the gospel, it should be done with joy and grateful spirit.

I should do everything for the glory of God.

Father, you have a purpose for everything, thank you for the family you have given me. Thank you for giving me a loving husband, a lovely daughter and letting me pregnant again. Instead of thinking about the past, may You give me the grace to embrace completely the life I have now. Help me to minister to my family for your glory. Amen!

My thankful list for this week….. I am thankful for the following:

#73 opportunity to share the gospel again

#74 the pizza I made and the bread that my husband made

#75 reminding me not to forget the keys everytime I go out

#76 the public transportation, it’s convenient to commute, with the subways and buses

#77 thankful that a friend working in the middle east was given a free airplane ticket so she could visit her family back home on July

#78 for the good weather, I can go out for a walk and my daughter can play also outside

#79 the seven stars we saw in the sky the other night, rarely you see them here because of the pollution

#80 bread machine my husband bought

#81 a husband who’s helping me at home, he’s cooking and washing dishes

#82 that the result of my tests are all great

#83 a healthy baby in the womb

#84 for a sister who is celebrating her birthday today

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Counting the Stones

PhotobucketThen you can tell them, ‘They remind us that the Jordan River stopped flowing when the Ark of the LORD’s Covenant went across.’ These stones will stand as a memorial among the people of Israel forever.” Joshua 4:7 (NLT)

Oh, If I may count the miracles Your have done in my life, it would be like counting the sand upon the seashore.  If I may keep a stone for every miracle and amazing thing You have done, It would fill our house.  Many are the wonders You have done  and that I can’t even count them.

Yet I sometimes forget them. Forgive my forgetfulness, forgive my ungratefulness.  My heart is prone to forget Your goodness.

Oh Lord, that I may never forget them, that I may always remember them especially when I feel hopeless and discouraged. I may give back the glory that belongs to you alone.

Gifts and stones for these week. #61 to 72. I’m grateful for the following:

For the opportunity to share Christ to someone

For opportunity to pray for someone’s need.

For a husband who is thirsty for the Lord.

Healing my daughter from diarrhea.

Exposing what’s in my heart every time I read His word.

The books I am reading, I am encouraged, inspired and have learned a lot.

The library where I borrow books.

Western food every Sunday.

People who are generously offering their sit on the bus or train.

Seeing the smile from other people especially the old ones every time my daughter smiles at them.

For promoting us.

For renewing our Visa.

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His Plans are too Numerous to Count

Psalm 40:5 ” O LORD my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal. If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them.”

I haven’t seen this verse the way I see it now, ah… the scripture is really overflowing with treasures

Indeed we will never lack any good thing.  Everyday He has something to offer. Everyday He has wonderful things prepared for us. His plans are too many to count and if we ever try to count them, we would never come to an end. He is an infinite God and so His goodness, His provision, His refreshment, His rest, His guidance, His peace, His joy, His comfort, His forgiveness, His love.

Today I want to thank Him for the following:

#51 for giving me a new beginning and hope every morning.

#52 for revealing what’s in my heart everyday, may it be sin, strength, weakness or traits that need to change. It makes me humble and know Him more in a higher level.  Every time He reveals something, I feel so broken and makes me worship Him more and more. It makes me appreciate more His love and His forgiveness.

#53 for a two-day rest He has given for my husband.

#54 for letting us celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.

#55 for his grace to face the challenges of marriagehood and motherhood.

#56 for a generous sister.

#57 for giving me time to read books.

#58 for a thirsty soul like that of the deer pants  for water.

#59 an out-of-town with my family.

#60 for a nice weather today.

Father, may you remind me of this promise especially when I feel like I cannot see your plans for us. When our future seems bleak and our path seems dark and we cannot see your hands, remind us that you have a lot of things in store for us. In every situation we are into, remind us that your plans are too numerous and already established and that no one can change it. Amen!

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Thankful Thursday

The country I’m living now is not celebrating Holy Week, unlike in my country today is holiday but here, it is just an ordinary day for everyone.

Today I remember and thank the Lord  for what He has  done for me on the cross. (#s41-50)


thank you for You carried my weaknesses.

it was Your sorrow that weighed you down

You were pierced for my rebellion

You were crushed for my sins

You were beaten so I could be whole

You were whipped so I could be healed

yet You did not complain

You submitted to these sufferings not only because of me but most of all to do the will of the Father. When you saw all that is accomplished by your anguish You were satisfied and

because of that you made it possible for many to be counted righteous for You bore all our sins.

With all the things You’ve done, what more can I ask for, Is there any room for me to doubt? Is there any room for me to complain? Ahh…yet, sometimes I do. Forgive my ignorance, forgive my foolishness.

I know words are not enough, but today, let me say… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE FOR ME. THANK YOU FOR THE Undefined, Indescribable and Incredible LOVE YOU HAVE FOR ME.

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Thankful Thursday

The royal administrators, prefects, satraps, advisers and governors have all agreed that the king should issue an edict and enforce the decree that anyone who prays to any god or human being during the next thirty days, except to you, Your Majesty, shall be thrown into the lions’ den. Daniel 6:7

The news wasn’t really good, a law had been passed, and everyone who doesn’t obey the decree will be thrown into the lion’s den.

Verse 10 says “Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.”


He prayed, giving thanks to His God?

Common Daniel, there’s nothing to be thankful for here; soon you’ll be executed by praying.

Daniel knew that he’ll be caught; still he prayed and gave thanks to His God.


What a grateful heart you have, instead of complaining, instead of worrying, you were so calm, peaceful and trusting, and yes the God whom you serve, rescued you.

Apostle Paul once said to the church in the Thessalonica “give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ”

Every time we give thanks, we are pleasing God.

In plenty or in want, give thanks.

Whether well fed or hungry, give thanks.

In sickness or in health, give thanks.

In tribulation or in blessing, give thanks.

In suffering or in comfort, give thanks.

Because that is the Father’s will for you in Christ.

Thankful for the following:

#41- new maternity pants

#42- baked lasagna.

#43- waking up in the middle of the night for my quiet time.

#44- quilts to make us warm

#45- a warm house even without using heater

#46- healthy baby in my womb

#47- my health

#48- hospital that’s so near, few meters away from our place.

#49- was able to visit the hospital even without my husband (note: I don’t know the language and few of them can communicate in English)

#50- Diaper.

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