My Simple Daybook

FOR TODAY: September 13 , 2011

Outside my window… it’s hot and humid

I am thinking….. about what to cook tonight.

I am thankful….for the holiday, it’s mid autumn festival yesterday my husband was free  and we’re able to visit a park.

From the learning room…. Parenting and really trying to be patient and gracious all the time.

In the kitchen…... I’ll try to make beef dumplings tonight.

I am wearing...shorts and shirt.

I am creating.. a cross-stitch, we moved to another apartment, our walls need some decorations.

I am going.... probably take a nap later or start cooking while the baby is sleeping.

I am wondering.…what is the future has for us, surely we have a brighter one.

I am reading.... the Bible.

I am hoping and praying… for a lot of things, salvation, healing for others , direction, provision, praying for our church back home, I’m praying for every request I’ve read online (blogs, FB, etc.) and most of all, for my husband’s healing his Total Bilirubin is pretty high, the doctor suggested to have his liver biopsied, all the blood test and  ultrasound are normal though. He doesn’t like to undergo biopsy.

I am looking forward to..… to a peaceful week, I have been a little cranky for the past days.

I am hearing...the room is quiet.

Around the house…clothes to fold, dirty clothes to wash, dust to wipe, we just moved to another apartment a couple of weeks ago our place is still a little messy.

I am pondering.… about my life(attitude and character and, my relationship with my husband and the Lord.

One of my favorite things….cookies…. every Sunday I am really feasting with homemade cookies. After service we usually go to a place where we can eat homemade western food and a little of Asian. The place is pretty good, we can watch movies, play indoor and outdoor games, borrow books from the library and visit a thrifty store where you can buy cheap things, the proceeds go to the people working in that facility. The facility is owned and managed by a Christian Couple who are really generous.

A few plans for the rest of the week……. I want to do a menu plan for a week,

Here is the picture for thought I am sharing….. … she loves to eat.

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FOR TODAY: August 8 , 2011

Outside my window… it’s hot and cloudy, what’s happening with our Earth, seems like it’s getting hotter everyday. It reminds me of what Apostle Peter said in 2 Peter 3:6-7 “through which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water. But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgement and destruction of ungodly men.”

I am thinking….. about the things that around particularly in US, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Could this be the preparation of what we call “One world government”

I am thankful….for the gift of marriagehood and motherhood.

From the learning room…I thought this didn’t apply to me, my school days are long gone, but I came to realize everyday  is a learning experience, you don’t need to go to school to learn. Ahh every day the Father is teaching me so many things. He’s teaching me to trust Him completely, to love like His Son, to live like His Son, to have a character like His Son and to know the person of His Son.

In the kitchen….. Rice, stir-fried eggplant, beef potato, and cucumber salad for our lunch.  Tomato with egg, roti, chicken curry and cauliflower with oyster sauce for our supper.

I am wearing...shorts and shirt.

I am creating.. a digital scrapbook for our wedding photos, Lol I started doing that 2 years ago. I hope to finish it ASAP.

I am going.... to do the laundry, clean the house and probably go to the mall to buy slippers(outdoor)

I am wondering.…how much will our electric bill be? We’ve been using air conditioner 24/7, the weather seems unbearable.

I am reading.... the Bible, I haven’t done reading Reimagining Church by Frank Viola. Hope to finish it before the month ends.

I am hoping and praying…. for God’s direction and for my husband’s healing.

I am looking forward to..… to a fruitful week.

I am hearing...A/C and car honking.

Around the house…there is always laundry to fold, dirty clothes to wash and dust to wipe.

I am pondering.… about the end times, honestly I don’t want to experience tribulation, there are a lot of teachings about end times, Pre, Post, Mid tribulation, I am not sure though which one is right, but one thing I’m sure of, the end of times will surely happen. Could it be that what we’re witnessing now is part of the tribulation?

One of my favorite things...nursing my baby.

A few plans for the rest of the week…… renew my visathat was my plan last week but my hubby was busy, I need to do it tomorrow because it expires on the 14th.

Here is the picture for thought I am sharing…..  yes, that’s inside the subway train and that is my husband, sometimes he’ wants to try crazy things:)

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FOR TODAY: August 1, 2011
Outside my window… smoggy morning, it’s common sight here in China

I am thinking… when can we find an apartment that is within our budget,  the rent is rising rapidly since we transferred here two years ago.

I am thankful….for His Faithfulness, need I say more?

In the kitchen… long beans, eggplant, beef, broccoli and fruits for our supper.

I am wearing...shorts and shirt.

I am creating...nada, I don’t feel creative at all.

I am going.... to do the laundry, clean the house, probably go to the grocery store later  and maybe eat at McDonalds.

I am long should we stay in China?

I am reading.... the Bible, it’s the book that I never tired reading and Reimagining Church by Frank Viola.

I am hoping…to transfer to our new place ASAP

I am looking forward to.... visiting a park, we haven’t been to a park since the baby came out.

I am baby’s laugh and shout, it’s her way of communicating with me.

Around the house…toys, clothes that need to be ironed and my bags they’re all over the couch. Our apartment seems too cluttered.

I am pondering.… about my life as a mother and wife, I stopped working since I got married 2 years ago, oh I did part-time job for a few months. My husband asked me if I miss working. I absolutely love being a mother but sometimes I miss working. I miss wearing those corporate attires, rushing every morning, drinking black coffee during office hours and receiving salary Lol.

One of my favorite things...reading, I wish to read more books, I am currently reading Reimagining Church by Frank Viola, it’s a great book, I am learning new things.

A few plans for the rest of the week: bring my baby to the clinic , renew my visa.

Here is the picture for thought I am sharing…My baby loves to imitate me and do the things I’m doing, she’s just six months.

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For Today…September 15th, 2008 at 10pm

Outside my Window…Darkness all over the skies

I am thinking…about my lady friend who is going through great trials, I don’t know now how to encourage her, can’t even understand why all these things are happening to her, one thing I know, that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. And I glorify God because of these trials she became closer to Him.Oh I’m thinking about Albert also, I miss him so much.

I am thankful for… of the trials that I experienced during the week, God filled me with His grace to welcome them with open heart because I know that through these trials my Lord is shaping me to be like Him.

From the kitchen…. an empty fridge:)

I am wearing……my sleeping wear.

I am reading…. Captured by Grace by Dr. David Jeremah, my bible, I’m almost done with the book of John, I’m done reading the “I Promise” by Gary Smalley

I am hoping…and praying that Albert will be able to come during our Church Anniversary this November.

I am hearing…….the voice from the television of the host of Survivor-Philippines, my brother in law’s voice while playing with his son and my nephew’s scream

Around the house….. television, cabinets…..I’m here in my sister’s place.

One of my favorite things…. Books.

I am praying for… for my lady friend, my fiancé, my family, my church and the ministry in China.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…. That I can be able to finish my bank reconciliation for the month of September and that I can finish reading “Captured by Grace”

I accomplished since last week…I finished reading the book “I Promise” in a week.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

just like Amanda, I love clouds and i love looking at them. I took this photo on my travel to Cebu.

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It’s my second time to join this meme, please check Miss Jocelyn’s blog if you want to do this meme. It’s fun, though.

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Outside my Window…the trees. :P

I am thinking… I am thinking of the ministry in China, I really don’t know how God will move when I get there, all I know is He called be to be there, it maybe be hard to live and minister because of the restrictions imposed by the government for Christians, but the only best thing that I can do now is to obey Him..

I am thankful for…what God did last night during our retreat.

From the kitchen…oh, I’m still here in a campsite packing my things.

I am reading…I read my bible last night, I am still in the book of Joshua.

I am hoping…that I’ll get through with this wedding plans, it is so stressful.

I am hearing…the voice of my churchmates who are also packing their things (lol)

Around the house…around the room, my church mates, and the beds(lol)

One of my favorite things…. bag

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I wanna finish my backlog in the office

I accomplished since last week… I was able to book my ticket to Hongkong

Here are the pictures thought I am sharing with you…

the pictures are not clear, these were taken during our overnight retreat at Jabez camp:), my last retreat with my christian education family, I will surely miss them.


I’ve got this from Miss Jocelyn’s “A Pondering Heart blog. This is my first time to join in “The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

For Today…August 18th, 2008

Outside my Window…Right now I see nothing. The window is close, because i am in the office (lol)

I am thinking…About Albert my fiance and about our coming wedding.

I am thankful for…first to God, for what He has done and still doing in my life, for my family(though they are far from me, they will always there when i need them, Albert for his love although sometimes i doubt, for my friends and churchmates.

From the kitchen…around me are tables and my office mates (lol)
I am wearing…jeans, a brown long sleeves blouse and a clogs

I am reading…my bible during lunch, also during my quiet time at night. I am now in the Chapter 4 of the book of Joshua. I am also reading Joyce Meyer’s In Pursuit of Peace

I am hoping…that everything will be okey this December when I go to China.

I am hearing…my officemate’s voice

Around the house…can i change it to around the office (lol)

One of my favorite things…COFFEEEEEE

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…a wonderful retreat with my christian education family.

I accomplished since last week: last week? i was able to go to CEBU city and visit our former Pastor who is now pastoring in one of our outreaches in Cebu.

Here are the pictures thought I am sharing with you…

this is the Magellan’s Cross in Cebu City Philippines, this cross of tindalo wood encases the original cross planted by Ferdinand Magellan on this very site on April 21, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines on April 21, 1521 and also the start of Christianity.

this is one of the hundred of photos i took during my Cebu trip , I love taking pictures (lol)