Thankful Thursday-He is Faithful

God is doing amazing things in our life, indeed He is faithful. His faithfulness doesn’t depend on us, on the things we’re doing, doesn’t depend on any circumstances, He is faithful because that’s the way He is.

I have watched His extreme faithfulness (it’s just the way i describe it), answering  my prayer in an astonishing way, something that I didn’t expect. A couple of months ago, I wanted to buy some personal stuff, I saw pairs of shoes that I really wanted, there’s one thing that the Father taught me, every time I want something “ask Him”  and not anyone else(like my husband, etc.). Just, few days ago, someone sent me 300 dollars… woaahh , isn’t God amazing?

Of course these shoes don’t cost 300 dollars:). This is just one of His so many ways to answer our prayers.

Last month my husband, increased his hourly rate by 50% the company that he’s working with, agreed. He’s been working part-time  for a year now, amazingly he’s receiving more than what he had when he’s doing full-time job.

One thing that the Father taught us here, His blessing doesn’t depend in the place or country we’re into, or the work we’re doing, or the state of our spirituality, He wants to bless us simply because He loves to do it.

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Let Your Mate Find you in Eden

Sharing what I’ve written on my journal way back when I was still single, reading this made me realize how God is faithful and true to His promises. He met my longings and desires in the right time.


I was with my single friends last night. We went to Mcdo after the service. We’re having so much fun, till the topic shifted to “marriage”. It’s singles favorite topic. One sister mentioned about the book that she read. According to the author “God will only give you a husband when you don’t need a husband anymore” it sounded illogical, and un biblical for me. What the use of getting married if i don’t need a husband anymore. But the author just simply mean, marriage will not make you complete. We often thought that having someone beside us will make us happy, whole and complete. Many singles nowadays felt like there’s something missing, that they need someone to complete them. It’s actually the lie of the enemy to make the singles desperate, lonely, unfulfilled, unloved.

We were not created to complete another but to complement. As what I’ve read “Completion is Jesus’ responsibility and complementing is a woman’s privilege. A woman not complete in Jesus will be a drain on her husband. Such a woman will expect her husband to fill the gap that only Jesus can fill”

I’ve read stories like, they met their husbands when they were self-satisfied, happy single. I thank God for not allowing me to get married when I most longing and desiring for it. I realized now why God didn’t answer my prayers,though i fasted, i went to prayer mountain so many times, i spilled hundred litters of tears(exaggerated), just for God to hear my plea, but until now, I’ve gotten no answer. I only realized now that God wants me to enjoy now the things that I can’t do when I am married. God is giving me the chance to pursue my other dreams. He doesn’t want me to have life after marriage but even now He wants me to enjoy instead of making sorry for myself.

If you wait to live until that “shining armour” will come, girl you’ll find yourself someday sitting around saying ” If only I could, I should, I would.”

Enjoy life now, let your mate find you in Eden, enjoying yourself and your life. Let him see you fulfilled, complete, whole and ready.

Incompleteness is not the result of being single, but not being full of Jesus.

Get involved especially in your church.

entry made on March 2008

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My Longing Few Years Ago

I was checking and reading again my journals which some of those I posted on my old blog, and I found this. Wow I couldn’t remember that I wrote this few years ago, but look at me now I am married. I didn’t know that few months after this God will answer my prayer, so to the singles out there, keep on praying and waiting. God knows the desire and longings of your heart. This makes me laugh, couldn’t even remember the feelings anymore.


Another month has passed. Recently I’ve been going through some emotional roller coaster. I turned 32 this year, I thank God for allowing me to reach this age but on the other side I was a bit frustrated, because my birthday reminded me once again of my unanswered prayer. It’s been ten years now since I seriously prayed for that. I prayed for a partner in life. I don’t know His reason why until now it remains unanswered. I never had a serious relationship (when I say serious, no one really asked me seriously the words “Will you marry me (lol))

Sometimes I thought of maybe I have the gift of single blessedness, right now I am single, I am not dating anyone and I can’t see anyone who wants to date me (lol)…

A Pastor once said this “ As a young lady what you can do is to position yourself in the church, that means you have to join ministries like young adults or single’s ministry. I am actively involved in our Church. But still no one noticed me. (lol) I checked the way I dress, I think I dressed appropriately. I check my hygiene, Oh boy I brush my teeth 3 or 4 times a day, I used floss and mouthwash (lol), I take a bath everyday. And yes sometimes, I asked the Lord, what’s wrong with me. Am I ugly, I think I am beautiful (LOL), maybe the best guy for me isn’t born yet( lol), or maybe he’s dead (lol). Or maybe I am not yet ready to get married. Yeh I think I am not yet ready.

When will I get ready? I don’t know really. God knows, when. And God knows if I have the gift of single blessedness . Honestly sometimes I felt desperate. But I thank God for He always remind me that “I am a whole person” and I don’t need someone to tell me “You complete me” (lol) Jerry Maguire

For the past ten years I’ve been insisting on the things that I wanted. I wanted God to answer my prayers based on my standards. I was too self-centered and focused on what I wanted. I stubbornly ignore the voice of the Lord and insist my own reasoning. I ignored the things that God wants me to settle, to give up, to let go. All this time I thought that I gave God the driver’s seat. Yes, I gave the driver’s seat but deep down in my heart I was murmuring, I was complaining, I was dictating, I was ungrateful, sometimes I want to rebel against Him.

I really don’t know when will God answer my prayer. It’s up to him, I no longer focus on that instead I want to do the things that God wants me to do. I will seek and seek and seek more of His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto me. Is God selfish, absolutely not, it’s in my best interest to seek His will first. I’ll start pursuing some of the wonderful things that God put in my heart.

It’s no longer my problem if the right man will come on my way, it’s no longer my problem if I will be single forever, it’s God’s problem. Understanding God’s will or God’s best for us is sometimes difficult

What I learned through the years is that, time and time again God will show you that He is in control of everything, sometimes you can’t see Him working but He is indeed working. And that no matter how you try to go to the opposite direction. He will always put you on the road where He wants you to go. If we continue to be stubborn, it will just take a longer time for us to get to where God wants us to be.

I no longer want to wrestle with God. All I want now is for Him to hold my hand and for me to follow His lead.

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