I’ve found Favor with God

Hi all! It’s been quite a while since I last posted something here, I’ve been very lazy to write but every now and then, I keep on updating my journal. I am actually so lazy to do anything because of my current situation, I’m pregnant YAY!!,

my baby's first photo-8 weeks

I am in my 18th week now.  It was kind of hard for me during my first trimester, I couldn’t eat much, I hate the smell and taste of all the food except for ice cream, cookies, burger and fries from Mcdo and fruits, my stomach was always painful even before and after eating,  I went through the discomfort and pains of pregnancy like morning sickness, heartburn and gas pain. I felt hungry all the time but I couldn’t eat. I had this constant feeling of fatigue, which made me awfully tired, I was cranky and irritable. All these things made me really sick but the joy of having and carrying a baby is indescribable, we’re so blessed indeed, I am blessed and highly favored. We’re married for over a year now and we’ve been praying for this, our God is indeed an answering God and He is worthy of all our praises and honor.

I am on my second trimester and everything is getting’ better, our baby is moving and active now I first noticed it when I was in my 15 weeks of my pregnancy, my appetite is increasing and somehow I am becoming active again and hopefully my blog will be active again too!

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