I Have Dreams, How About You?

DREAMS? Honestly I’m scared of dreaming, and yes I do have dreams but so afraid to share. I know many of us have been scared to dream, simply because we don’t want to be disappointed if those dreams or desires go unfulfilled, on the other hand, not being willing to dream makes us settle for less, makes us unproductive, makes us live but not fully alive. Many of my dreams are remain unfulfilled. As I reviewing my journal I came to a part where I wrote these things “Lord, if I will give up these dreams, I will be dead” Dreaming gives me hope, dreaming makes my heart fully alive and kicking and yes my dreams sometimes disappoint me and hurt me. But I still want to dream.

Here are some of my unrealized and realized dreams:

  • To be married, have a family and be a strong support to my husband in his calling.
  • To be the wife and mother that God wants me to be
  • For my family to come to Christ. I want to see them in Heaven
  • To preach and teach God’s love and God’s grace to the whole world. To see people come to Christ and to see them and the church grow and grow in the knowledge of His love, of His will of His grace and of His Word.
  • To have such an intimate walk with God, receiving His love in such a powerful way, that all my life is strengthened with joy and peace no matter the trials I might be walking through- this is ongoing, every day with Jesus is closer than the day before.
  • To put up an orphanage.

These are my dreams. I believe that it is God’s pleasure to see our dreams realized as long as those dreams will glorify Him. He doesn’t want us to settle for mediocrity. He doesn’t want us to grow old and let go of our dreams.

Some of our dreams are selfish dreams, dreams that we know cannot glorify Him, let go of those dreams. But you have dreams that God has placed in your heart, hold on to those dreams. WE SERVE A GOD WHO LOVES FULFILLING BIG DREAMS.

So my friend, take some time to talk to God about those dreams and do some lists of dreams that God has placed in your heart.

I do not want to die… until I have faithfully made the most of my talent and cultivated the seed that was placed in me until the last small twig has grown. Kathe Kollwitz

© The Woman Whom Jesus Loved