Here is the story of how we met and fall in love with each other, written by him. The photo that i inserted was our first photo together during Myles Munroe’s Seminar in Manila.

I first met Jhunnel in the church. It was during discipleship training with pastor Timmy, who told me, “A sister will come tonight, her name is Jhunnel.” I had no idea who Jhunnel is. Later, the office door swung open, came inside a cute Filipina lady. My first impression was her hair – long brownish hair draped beautifully on her back. In fact, she has all the Filipino features. But in the eyes of a foreign beholder, that’s exotic beauty.

A few weeks later, Jhunnel called and our friendship started on the phone. I have to admit that every time we talked, my heart elated at her voice. Then we had the chance to go out on a birthday celebration. For the whole evening people asked me all kinds of questions, especially about marriage. Then one thought occurred to me: Since I’m studying in the Philippines, and if I could marry a Filipina, why not? Soon, Jhunnel and I started going out. We spent a lot of time talking about everything. Gradually we came to know each other. I admire her dedication in work and ministry. Certainly she is someone I would like to spend life with. Not because of her outward appearance, but of her inner beauties – she has a strong personality and good Christian characters. More importantly, she is committed to be a faithful servant. I just wish that one day we could become life partners and serve God together.



Right now we are staying in different countries. Despite our distance, we kept communication via the Internet. Every week, we discuss about the ministry and pray for each other. At our age, we naturally consider marriage. Since we are in the same church; both of us have a calling from God; most important of all, we love each other very much. So why don’t we get married? After seeking God’s approval, godly advice from our Pastors and acceptance of our families, we plan to get married in 2009. It leaves us a year to prepare ourselves and settle things before marriage. It’s truly a blessing from God.


Ours, is just an ordinary story, but I know that God orchestrated everything. Our story is God’s love story for us. He is the author. What i can say is “It is worth the waiting”

© 2008 by jhunnelle


Almost a decade now since I started praying for God’s will. The long wait is over. Someone realized that I am his missing rib. 

His proposal was quite different from the normal proposal. He asked our Senior Pastor first. This is how he proposed

“I mentioned about sis Jhunnel Sebastian, who has been attending Makati church since 1997. She was in the Medical Ministry before, now she is one of the CE teachers and 4:30 Workers. She studied TESOL and wants to work as an overseas missionary. Since we met, we talked a lot and love each other very much. Right now, we are praying for marriage and working together in China. She can work as an English teacher to support the ministry and assist me in the church. Pastor Gerry, you are our senior pastor and Spiritual Director. So we ask for your advice. Is it ok for us to marry and serve WWCF in China? We’ve been praying for this and now I think it’s a good time to ask for your permission”

He asked our Pastor first, maybe because he really wanted to get my “YES”. We have almost a year of getting to know each other. We really didn’t have that formal relationship, until we both heard from God. I received confirmation first, I asked so many signs from God and everything had been fulfilled.

I surrender him to God when he told me that he’s not ready for commitment yet and his priority is the ministry. I surrender him to God. It was the start of this year that I started planning to be a tentmaker in the 10/40 window. I finished my TESOL training, April this year. I’ve got my proposal May 29, I wasn’t surprised actually. That, I’ve been expecting.

I’ll be done with my KAIROS training on Friday, this is pre-requisite course for my Mission Training Program this October.

I thank God for him. He’s a blessing from above. Not only that he’s cutie(in my eyes he’s the most handsome guy, God blinded me so I won’t be looking to right and to left(lol)), but what I admired from him, is his passion to serve the Lord. It’s indeed a blessing to have someone who has the same faith and vision as yours.

Next year I’ll be joining him in China and in serving the Lord. We believe that God has great plans for us and for the ministry that he entrusted to us. We believe that He will enlarge our territories, we believe that He will use us for His glory alone. We want this marriage to glorify Him alone. We prayed for this and now He answered us.

He has blessed us that others may be blessed through us. We want this marriage to glorify Him alone.

He deserved all the Glory. Honor and Praise.

© 2008 by jhunnelle