My First Award and Getting Old-What a title:)

I was surprised to receive my very first award, thank you Sistah Lorie, I am indeed honored and blessed to have that:) Take a look at my Sistah’s blog Encouragement from my Heart, you will truly be encouraged with her posts. 

I just read about her latest entry entitled “Old age is a gift”, it reminds me of my fear of gettin’ old. Yes, she is right when she said that old age is a gift, Proverbs 16:31a says that Gray hair is a crown of splendor.

my grandmother and nephew

Getting old is a fact of life, we can not run away from this unless ofcourse if you die at an early age:)

Have you ever depressed of seeing gray hairs, wrinkles, of sagging butt and breast:), well we can not do anything about it, no one can stop aging. So instead of feeling depressed. Enjoy life, how? by accepting that it will surely happen to everyone, in Tagalog “una-unahan lang yan” 

Blessings to everyone.

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If you will be asked to share your testimony using a cardboard, how will you do that. Watch this beautiful people as they share their testimonies using a cardboard. Have fun:)

What about me? I just want to share the latest. “GOD’S LADY IN WAITING, NOW A WIFE IN THE MAKING TO A GODLY MAN”(lol) does it make sense? or maybe “A RUNAWAY MISSIONARY, NOW A FRONTIER MISSIONARY” (this is my desire).

How about you?