He has a name for every star, do You think He would ever Forget yours?

You know when I sit and when I rise,

You watch over my going out and lying down

that means that every move I make You care about it

You knit me together from my mother’s womb.

even before I became alive, you already have my face,

my height, my vital statistics, the size of my feet.

You know my name

You know the mark on my body, you know the location of my moles.

You know the numbers of my hair.

Even when I am in the dark, you can still see me.

You preserve my tears inside in a bottle,
(I just wondering how many bottles you have now for my tears)

My sins, my weaknesses, my failures, my unfaithfulness
can not stop you of loving me.

Even when I am awake or sleeping,
you are there watching over me.

Oh Lord, what more can I say,

I know that I am wonderfully made.

I am your masterpiece.

I am the apple of your eye,
when i am hurting, you are hurting.

I am so precious in your eyes.

And so I will praise You oh God.

I will declare Your goodness, all the days of my life.

note:the clip art is from http://www.christart.com

© The Emissary’s Feet/The Woman Whom Jesus Loved