9 Weeks More Before the Big Day

9 weeks more before the big day, waiting seems like forever. We had this ultrasound two weeks ago. Unfortunately though, the sex wasn’t revealed to me, I tried to ask the Sonographer but she told me she couldn’t tell the sex, not because she couldn’t find it or didn’t know how, but because here, they are not allowed to tell the sex of the baby. I think every hospital has its own policy. When I was pregnant with my first baby, the hospital where I gave birth told us the sex when I had my ultrasound on the 4th month of my pregnancy because I am a foreigner.

We haven’t thought of a name yet, I am thinking of Elijah if the baby is boy and Elisha if it’s a girl…. hmmm Elisha..it’s kinda manly like my name, anyway we’re still looking for a name. Any suggestions?:)

I look bigger than my first pregnancy, we went to the hospital this morning, I had another urine and blood test. The results were okey, my BP was also good, I gained 13.22 lbs. I’m thinking to start dieting now. My last ultrasound showed that  the baby’s size  was smaller for 29 weeks, the measurement was one week behind, the doctor advised me to eat more but I guess the size is okey. My next visit is on the 16th, from now till I deliver I am going to have a once-a-week visit.

We’re exited to see our  second child and at the same time I’m anxious. Ahh..anxious about the pain I will undergo.

Oh Lord…let me have a 2 hour labor pleasseee!

I am now in my 23th week of Pregnancy

I am now in my 23th week of pregnancy, which means I’ve hit the halfway mark.

My tummy looks bigger, probably because it’s my second but I only weigh like 108 lbs

I visited the hospital for my ultrasound last week, the result says everything is normal, the baby seems doing great, we don’t know the sex yet. The baby started to move before I hit my 4 months.

Things have been so much better these days. I can still carry my daughter who is 24 lbs. I can do everything except that when I walk far I can feel little pain on my back. I’ve been more choosy with the food though.

And my hormones and emotions are changing too.

I am more emotional I guess. I get easily irritated even with the small things and feel  frustrated that I couldn’t do the things I want.

There were just times when I felt … overwhelmed with emotions.

Feeling blue sometimes and so touchy, rather than uttering unnecessarily unhappy words, I chose to stay quieter throughout the day.

I sometimes feel so sleepy but couldn’t sleep because my daughter is awake. That makes me more frustrated.

I’m just glad that it doesn’t happen to me too often so far. I’m trying really to be happy at all the times, I’m kind of tired being grumpy and moody.

Anyway,  I thank God for the strength, good health and everything.  To know that our baby’s growing well inside is truly amazing!

With all the overwhelming feelings…

I’m excited to see our next child.

Thankful Thursday

Another day has passed, yesterday I was thinking about my life. Honestly I feel like I am not doing anything worthy. I am “just” a stay-at-home mom and wife.

I’ve been struggling lately, I always lose my temper.  I get easily irritated  with small things. I feel like I couldn’t do anything other than watching my daughter. I don’t even have time for myself.  I am losing my patience and temper and definitely not proud of it. I want to be creative in our time together but my mind seems no longer functioning. I couldn’t thing of any.

Could it be because I am pregnant again or maybe I am not stay at home material mom.

Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter, she’s definitely the most charismatic baby I have ever seen, she smiles at anyone. She smiles and talks most of the time. I love being able to teach her and see all the ways she’s growing up. However I feel like lately, I’m not good enough for her.

I remember what the Israelites said to Moses in Numbers 21:5, when they get tired of eating manna, they complained “there is nothing to eat here and nothing to drink. And we hate this horrible manna.”

Am I becoming like the Israelites? Getting tired of what I’m doing and want to do other things?

Oh Lord, forgive me for grumbling, forgive me for thinking this way. Help me to embrace the life you’ve given me and be satisfied with what I have and doing now. Help me to live a life to the fullest.

Today I am thankful for the following

#31- 36 years of existence

#32- my daughter turned one year old last month

#33-my second pregnancy

#34- was able to visit my country and hometown.

#35- the time we spent with my family.

#36-mother-in-law who’s helping us.

#37-husband who is hardworking and thrifty.

#38-spending time in prayer every morning with my husband.

#39-daughter who smiles to anyone.

#40- a new apartment to stay.

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Pregnancy Update

As my due date is getting near, can’t help but to worry and feel nervous.… ahhh. I haven’t walked for 2 days now due to rain and cold weather, the doctor advised me to walk for at least one hour every day, well I have been doing a lot of walking since I got pregnant. Mom (my husband’s mother) is here now, she’s been a great help to us. We’ve been praying that I can have a normal delivery and that there will be no complications.

I visited the hospital last week, the doctor said everything is well, I lost 6.6 pounds though, maybe because I don’t eat that much now.  I gained 22 pounds since I became pregnant though and my BP dropped from 125/62 to 108/60.

I am thankful that my pregnancy isn’t that complicated, I haven’t experienced, heartburn, constipation, difficulty in breathing, legs cramps, itchiness, back pain, etc. It was during my first trimester that I felt the discomfort.  Lately I also notice that my Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent now.

I will have an ultrasound on the 6th and probably visit the doctor again, my prayer is that my husband is not working when it’s time for me to give birth and that it will happen during the day.

That is all for now, gee it’s really cold here, it’s almost two years now since we transferred  and I haven’t gotten used of the climate yet.

Pregnancy Update

We went to the hospital last Wednesday. I always feel nervous every time we visit the hospital. My last month’s visit gave me a traumatic experience I got spotting for 3 days after my check up, I never had spotting before that. It’s really hard for me because I do not know the language. I couldn’t express myself much or ask questions.

I’m almost six months pregnant now, it’s becoming  harder for me to sleep, it’s good our landlady gave me her maternity pillow (she just gave birth few months ago) it somehow gives me comfort at night.  My constant need to visit the bathroom is keeping me up also. I can feel some pain in my back and a stubbing pain in my lower abdomen. As what I’ve read from the internet these are all normal and should not give me some worries, I couldn’t help though. It’s getting harder for me also to climb, haven’t I told you that we are staying in the 8th floor without lift, anyway it is a way for me to exercise.

The baby is so active now. He plays soccer or kick boxing from time to time. It really gives me joy seeing my tummy moving and feeling the baby’s kicks and moves. We don’t know the gender yet, hopefully will be able to know it after my ultrasound on the 22nd. We are hoping and praying that I will have a normal delivery. CH has a biggest rate of C-section in the world. Maybe, because most of the pregnant women here are big, doctors want them to just eat and eat, prescribing vitamins is not common . I’m taking supplements though, it’s from the US.

Someone I knew,(she’s also a foreigner )told me that they really push you to have a C-section. I do want to have a normal delivery, I’m afraid of C-section because it’s a major operation and because the healing process is longer.
We are excited and at the same time I have some worries like, how will I bathe the baby, what if I don’t have milk, a lot of “what ifs”, anyway I guess it’s just normal for a first time mom to feel this way.

May you include us in your prayers too especially our health, provision and favor from the doctors, nurses or midwives who gonna take care of me during my delivery. And it’s final I’ll deliver the baby here and not in PH.

This is all for now.

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It’s a Choice

I decided to love even when I am hurting.  I decided to understand even when I don’t understand, I decided to forgive even when I haven’t done anything wrong.  I decided to listen even when another is speaking. I decided to overlook petty faults and forgive all failures. I decided to value others not with what they do but for who they are. I decided to give without expect something in return.  I decided to serve and not to demand. Today I decided to love unconditionally.  After all loving someone is a choice.

Pregnancy update:

My greatest fear is happening now, I am big now 🙂 and it seems like i am growing faster every day. Lately i notice some achiness in my lower abdomen and a brief stubbing pain on both sides. I am starting to see darkened spots in my skin particularly in my neck. My feet are also getting big, from size five, I think it’s six now. I’m also having an acne breakout.

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I’ve found Favor with God

Hi all! It’s been quite a while since I last posted something here, I’ve been very lazy to write but every now and then, I keep on updating my journal. I am actually so lazy to do anything because of my current situation, I’m pregnant YAY!!,

my baby's first photo-8 weeks

I am in my 18th week now.  It was kind of hard for me during my first trimester, I couldn’t eat much, I hate the smell and taste of all the food except for ice cream, cookies, burger and fries from Mcdo and fruits, my stomach was always painful even before and after eating,  I went through the discomfort and pains of pregnancy like morning sickness, heartburn and gas pain. I felt hungry all the time but I couldn’t eat. I had this constant feeling of fatigue, which made me awfully tired, I was cranky and irritable. All these things made me really sick but the joy of having and carrying a baby is indescribable, we’re so blessed indeed, I am blessed and highly favored. We’re married for over a year now and we’ve been praying for this, our God is indeed an answering God and He is worthy of all our praises and honor.

I am on my second trimester and everything is getting’ better, our baby is moving and active now I first noticed it when I was in my 15 weeks of my pregnancy, my appetite is increasing and somehow I am becoming active again and hopefully my blog will be active again too!

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