No More Blogging for Now

I am trying to test my self control, I might not be blogging for the coming days though i love doing it. But I am trying not to access the internet, no friendster, no facebook, no myspace, no multiply, no email, no YM. 

I’ll see if i can do it, i tried to get away from cellphone and I did. Right now I have cellphone but I am no longer using it (lol) it’s inside my drawer, sometimes i just use it as my alarm clock. I tried to get away from Television, I did.

Now I am planning to waste my time or should i say invest my time in reading:)

God bless everyone.



I am poor in time management. I am poor in budgeting. I am not really a good manager. I don’t know how to prioritize things. I don’t know how to divide my time. But I am really trying my best to be a good steward of time and money. My friend whom I loved sent me an email about time management. He’s been rebuking me of how i poorly manage my time. I’m quite a stubborn person, so maybe he became tired of me that’s why he sent me this email but one thing I am sure of, he loves me indeed this is the email that he sent

God has given us the gift of time. God may not have given us the same amount of wealth or the same gifts but He has given us 24 hours a day at our disposal. We are different from each other not in our amount of time but in our use of time.

If we are to be stewards of time we need to remember the following things:

  • Determine your goals – when we have no goals we are wasting time doing useless things.

  • Detailed plan – know where you’re going and how to get there. Lessen your guesswork because it consumes hours.

  • Do a listing – write down what you need to do so you’ll realize which ones are important and so you can refuse what is not there.

  • Decide on priorities – ask what is the most valuable way to use a particular time of the day.

Do one thing at a time – concentrating on one item will allow you to get more done.”

Honestly i never tried doing these things, but i am tying them now.


Today i have three things to do, first at 1:30 Pm to 6:30 we will have our seminar in the Church (that what we call Life in the Spirit Experience Seminar) I am one of the speakers. At 4:00 pm to 6:00, I have my guitar lesson and 4:00pm I’ll attend a wedding. All these will be held at the same place and the same building. Of course my priority is the seminar, but i also want to attend the wedding. 

Since almost all the speakers are invited. We planned to attend still, but we might just skip the ceremony and attend the reception, anyway the seminar will be held at 6th floor and the wedding ceremony and reception will be held at the sanctuary.

Mind you I don’t even have gift(sigh).

How about my guitar lesson, wow, if i’ll not attend i will miss 2 hours…grrrr… what will i do.

I guess I will just skip the wedding and attend to my guitar lesson. I’m still thinking. I can’t decide yet.

I’ll just decide when i get there. So hard hah.


Last night i reached home pass ten, traffic is killing my time, traffic is a usual thing here, but still annoyed me . I took shower and brought out my dirty clothes, my schedule for washing is every Friday but since I’ll be teaching in the church Saturday i need to rest today and just review my teaching. While washing, i microwaved the ham. My dinner was a sandwich. I was in hurry i need to finish washing by eleven coz i still need to have my quite time and read my teaching again. 

My plan is to eat my sandwich while washing. I always like this, multi-tasking, always in a hurry, i can read while watching tv, i can practice guitar while watching, i can eat while reading.

God is so sweet to remind me to just stop, and enjoy my food, chew it slowly, sit and rest. Again this morning while i was having my brunch (breakfast and lunch) God spoke again to take it slow.

I think God wants me to slow down, I’ve been stressful for the past days, I always in a hurry, don’t know why, always in a hurry but never accomplished anything. Sigh…what’s wrong with me….. I guess i need some time management…which i don’t have.