I’m here in Northern China, the temperature is sub-zero. It’s my first time to be in the place like this. I somehow have a culture shock. Since they are not using thermal jacket, need to wear 4 or 5 clothes, which I am not used to. It’s been my dream to experience winter, but i realized it’s too cold to bear. Oh by the way my dream to see snow came true yesterday… I saw snow (lol), it’s like cotton candy laid on the ground. I loved the snow but not the weather, i hope there is snow during summer 🙂 I took a bath everyday, thank God there’s hot water shower and a heater inside the bathroom:)

Oh by the way it’s also my first time to go out of my country, i felt alone at first, because I couldn’t understand the language. How I miss speaking my native tongue! What else? I met Albert’s family, they are very kind to me.

Merry Christmas everyone. It’s also my first time to spend my Christmas outside Philippines. I saw Christmas decorations here in China. I’m not sure if they know the reason why are we celebrating this season.
Need to go now. I’ll share some of my photos next time.